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Frequencies that starts
self-healing processes
-Freely available frequencies
Headache free
Intestinal malabsorption free
Schumann frequency free
Achilles tendon
Achilles bursitis or tendinitis
Achilles tendon sprain
Calcaneal spur
Calf and tendon
Contracture of tendon
Enthesopathy of ankle and tarsus
Enthesopathy of ankle and tarsus
Fibular ligament bursitis
Ligament pain
Ligament strain
Rupture of achilles tendon
Tarsal tunnel syndrome
Tibial ligament bursitis
Tibialis tendinitis
Acid-alkali and water balance
1-Diabetes cause ketoacidosis
2-Diabetes cause ketoacidosis
acid-base balance disorder
Dehydration 2
Dehydration 3
fluid and Electrolyte disorder
Fluid overload
Fluid overload 2
Fluid overload 3
hyperosmolarity, Dehydration
Renal tubular acidosis
Alcohol dependence
Alcohol dependence 2
Alcohol dependence 3
Alcohol dependence 4
Alcohol dependence 5
Alcohol dependence 6
Amphetamine dependence
Analgesic drug addiction
Antidepressant dependence
Barbiturates, hypnotic addiction
Cannabis addiction
Cocaine addiction
Coffeine addiction
Hallucinogen addiction
Hashis addiction
Hypnotic, anxiolytic addiction
LSD addiction
Marijuana addiction
Methionin-(withdrawal symptom)
Morphin addiction
Nicotine addiction
Opioid addiction
Opioid drug addiction
Opioid drug addiction 2
Opioid drug addiction 3
Other drug addiction
Adrenal gland hyperfunction
Adrenal disturbance
Adrenogenital syndrome
Cushing's-adrenal hyperfunction
Medulloadrenal hyperfunction
Adrenal problems
Adrenal disturbance 2
Adrenal gland lesion
Adrenal inflammation
Adrenal injury
Adrenal other
Amyloidosis cause adrenal disease
Alpha thalassemia
Anemia other
Anemia other 2
Anemia other 3
Anemia other 4
Anemia other 5
Anemia other 6
Anemia other 7
Anemia other 8
Anemia other 9
aplastic anemia
aplastic anemia 2
aplastic anemia 3
aplastic anemia 4
aplastic anemia 5
Autoimmune anemia
B vitamine complex
B1 vitamin malabsorption
B12 vitamin deficiency anemia
B12 vitamin deficiency anemia 2
B12 vitamin malabsorption
B2 vitamin malabsorption
B6 vitamin malabsorption
Beta thalassemia
blood loss-anemia
blood loss-anemia 2
C vitamin malabsorption
constitutional aplastic anemia
Delta-beta thalassemia
elliptocytotic anemia
enzyme deficiency cause anemia
Folate-deficiency anemia
glutathione metabolism
Hb-SS -sickle cell anemia
Hb-SS -sickle cell anemia 2
hemochromatosis 2
hemochromatosis 3
Hemoglobin E-beta thalassemia
hemolytic anemias
Iron deficiency anemia
Iron deficiency anemia 2
Iron metabolism
Iron metabolism 2
Kidney cause anemia
Kidney cause anemia 2
Kidney cause anemia 3
Kidney cause anemia 4
Kidney cause anemia 5
megaloblastic anemia
Other hemoglobin cause anemia
Other hemoglobin cause anemia
Other nutritional defici.-anemia
Other nutritional defici.-anemia 2
Pancytopenia 2
Pancytopenia 3
Pancytopenia 4
Protein-deficiency anemia
red blood cell aplasia
Sickle cell anemia other
Sickle cell anemia other
Sickle cell anemia other 2
Sickle cell anemia other 2
Sickle cell anemia other 3
Sickle-cell thalassemia
Sickle-cell thalassemia 2
Sickle-cell thalassemia 3
Sickle-cell thalassemia 4
Sickle-cell/Hb-C anemia
Sickle-cell/Hb-C anemia 2
Sideroblastic anemia
spherocytosis anemia
underfed cause anemia
underfed cause anemia 2
Ankle-foot joint
Ankle contusion
Ankle contusion 2
Ankle contusion 3
Ankle joint stiffness
Ankle, foot allergic arthritis
Ankle-foot arthritis
Ankle-foot arthritis 2
Ankle-foot Arthropathy
Ankle-foot Arthropathy 2
Ankle-foot Arthropathy 3
Ankle-foot bursitis
Ankle-foot bursitis 2
Ankle-foot bursitis 3
Ankle-foot calcification
Ankle-foot cartilage
Ankle-foot Climacteric arthritis
Ankle-foot contracture
Ankle-foot deformity
Ankle-foot deformity
Ankle-foot enthesopathy
Ankle-foot joint ankylosis
Ankle-foot joint calcification
Ankle-foot joint calcification 2
Ankle-foot joint cartilage disease
Ankle-foot joint Contracture
Ankle-foot joint derangement
Ankle-foot joint disease
Ankle-foot joint effusion
Ankle-foot joint fluid
Ankle-foot joint problems
Ankle-foot joint reuma
Ankle-foot joint symptoms
Ankle-foot pain
Ankle-foot Periostitis
Ankle-foot polyarthritis
Ankle-foot polyarthritis 2
Ankle-foot rheumatism
Ankle-foot stiffness
Ankle-foot symptoms
Ankle-foot synovitis
Ankle-foot tendon
Ankle-foot Tenosynovitis
Anklee-foot weak joint
Bursitis 2
Calcaneal spur
Cavovarus foot
Contusion of foot
Contusion of toe
Dislocation of foot
Dislocation of foot
Flat foot
Foot Bunion
Foot fingers joint stiffness
Foot sprain
Limb-ankle pain
Lower leg arthritis
Lower leg arthropathy
metatarsophalangeal joint
Plantar fascial fibromatosis
Talipes valgus
Talipes valgus 3
Talipes varus
Talipes varus 2
Apetit problems
Abnormal underweight
Abnormal underweight 2
Abnormal underweight 3
Abnormal weight gain
Adult nutritional disturbance
Anorexia nervosa
Bulimia nervosa
childhood development disorder
childhood development disorder 2
childhood development disorder 3
childhood development disorder 4
Eating disorderEating disorder
nutrition metabolism problems
nutritional disturbance
nutritional disturbance 2
Psichogenic Anorexia
Psichogenic Anorexia 2
Psichogenic Anorexia 3
Psychogenic vomiting
Rumination disorder
Aortic valve sclerosis
Atherosclerosis 2
Atherosclerosis 3
atherosclerosis 4
Atherosclerosis with claudication
Atherosclerosis with pain
Atherosclerosis with ulceration
Brain aand spinal cord arteriosclerosis
Brain arteriosclerosis
Brain sclerosi-atrophic lobar
Buerger's disease
Chronic arteriosclerosis
coronary artery arteriosclerosi
coronary artery arteriosclerosis 2
diffuse brain sclerosis
diffuse brain sclerosis 2
diffuse brain sclerosis 3
diffuse brain sclerosis 4
diffuse brain sclerosis 5
Encephalon arteriosclerosis
Extreme Coronary atherosclerosis
Extreme Coronary atherosclerosis 2
Heart arteriosclerosis
High cholesterol and lipid level
High triglyceride level
Kidney arteryosclerosis
Kidney arteryosclerosis 2
Liver arteriosclerosis
Lung arteriosclerosis
Lung arteriosclerosis 2
Lung arteriosclerosis 3
occlusion of coronary artery
Tuberous brain sclerosis
Artery, vein
abdomen blood vessel
abdomen blood vessel 2
Anterior tibial artery(lower leg
Anterior tibial vein(lower leg)
Arm blood vessel
axillary vein
brachial blood vessels
Breast blood vessel
Capillaries 2
Capillaries 3
carotid artery
Femoral artery-(leg artery)
Head blood vessel
hemiazygos blood vessel
Inferior vena cava(leg-diapragm)
Inferior vena cava(leg-diapragm)
internal carotid artery
kidney artery
Kidney vein
Liver artery
Liver vein
Lung artery
Lung vein
Ovarian artery
Ovarian vein
Popliteal artery (knee)
Popliteal vein (knee)
Posterior tibial artery(lower leg
Posterior tibial vein(lower leg)
Renal Blood vessels
Saphenous veins-(leg vein)
Spleen artery
Spleen vein
Stomach artery
Stomach vein
Subclavian artery(neck-arm artery
Subclavian vein(neck-arm vein)
Superior vena cava(neck-face-arm
Ulnar blood vessels-(Elbow)
Uterine artery
Uterine vein
Allergic asthma
Allergic reaction
Asthma other 2
Astma other
Bronchitis 2
Bronchitis 3
Croup-lung symptom
Intrinsic asthma
Lung fungus reaction
Alcohol cause ataxia
Ataxia 2
Ataxia 3
Ataxia congenital
Ataxia congenital 2
Ataxia congenital 3
Ataxia gait
Ataxia other
Cerebellar ataxia
Cerebellar ataxia 2
Cerebellar ataxia 3
Cerebellar ataxia 4
Cerebellar ataxia 5
Cerebellar ataxia 6
Diabetic ataxia
Diabetic ataxia 2
Diabetic ataxia 3
Progressive ataxia
Progressive ataxia 2
Psichogenic Ataxia
Psichogenic Ataxia 2
Autism 2
Autism 3
Autism 4
Autism 5
Autism 6
Autism 7
Autism 8
Bach flowers
1,Agrimony - Smiles hide inner worry
10,Crab Apple-Cleansing - physically & mentally
11,Elm-Overwhelmed by responsibility
12,Gentian-Despondency, disappointment, lack of faith
13,Gorse - Hopelessness, despair
14,Heather - Overtalkative
15,Holly-Anger, Jealousy, Suspicion
16,Honeysuckle-Living in the past,homesickness
17,Hornbeam -Mental tiredness, procrastination
18,Impatiens -Impatience, irritability
19,Larch - Lack of confidence
2,Aspen - Apprehension, unknown fears
20,Mimulus-Known fears,nervousness
21,Mustard-Gloom,depression for no apparent reason
22,Oak - The strengthener
23,Olive-Physical & metal tiredness,exhaustion
24,Pine-Feelings of guilt,unworthiness
25,Red Chestnut - Fear for others
26,Rock Rose-Extreme fear,nightmares
27,Rock Water-Self punishment,rigidity
28,Scleranthus-Indecision,inability,to choose, balance
29,Star of Bethlehem-Shock,Trauma,Acidents
3,Beech - Over critical, intolerant
30,Sweet Chestnut-Extreme anguish,despair
31,Vervain-Over enthusiasm,perfectionism
32,Vine-dominance and inflexibility
33,Walnut-Change,need for adaptability
34,Water Violet-Proud,upright people
35,White Chestnut-Thoughts buzzing around in head
36,Wild Oat-Inability to see ones direction
37,Wild Rose-Apathy,lack of enthusiasm
4,Centaury-Weak willed,subservient
5,Cerato -Lack of faith in ones own judgement
6,Cherry Plum -Fear of losing control, suicidal
7,Chestnut Bud -Inability to learn ones lessons
8,Chicory - Possessive, controlling
9,Clematis - Dreamy, absent minded
Abnormality red blood cells
Abnormality red blood cells 2
Abnormality red blood cells 3
Blod enzym
Blood antibody problems
Blood bicarbonate
Blood bilirubin
Blood calcium
Blood chlorine
Blood Cholesterol
Blood Cholesterol 2
Blood coagulation problems
Blood creatinin
Blood disease
Blood disease 2
Blood disease other
Blood disease other 2
Blood hormons
Blood metal
Blood mineral
Blood other
Blood oxygen problems
Blood problems
Blood triglycerid
Blood triglycerid 2
Blood wessel
Blood-red blood cell
Blood-white cell
Hematocrit 2
High blood alcohol level
High blood bacterial level
High blood sugar problems
High blood sugar problems 2
High blood sugar problems 3
High blood viral level
high CRP level
high immunoglobulins
high lactic acid
high sedimentation
Impaired fasting glucose
Low blood sugar problems
Low blood white cell level
Myelodysplastic syndrome, RCMD
red blood cell problems
Thyroid hormons other
Blood circulation
Blood Circulation
Blood Circulation 2
Blood Circulation 3
Blood circulation repair
Blood circulation repair
Blood oxigen
Blood vessel-circulation repair
Bone Circulation
Bowel Circulation
Bowel Circulation
Brain Circulation
Brain Circulation 2
Buerger's-leg circulation
Buerger's-leg circulation
Buerger's-leg circulation
Ear circulation
Heart blood-vessel circulation
Heart circulation
Heart muscle circulation
Heart muscle circulation(Infarction
Ischemic heart disease
Kidney circulation
Leg circulation
Lung circulation
Lung circulation
Oxygen saturation repair
Pancreas-bowel circulation
Pancreas-bowel circulation 2
Raynaud's- Limb circulation
Stricture of artery
Ameoba sepsis
Ameoba sepsis 2
Bacterial cause Sepsis
Bacterial cause Sepsis 2
Blood cleanse
Blood microorganism killer
Dental region sepsis
Dental region sepsis
E.coli sepsis
Erysipelas sepsis
Eye region sepsis
Fungus cause Sepsis
Gonococcus sepsis
hemophilus sepsis
Herpes sepsis
Listeria sepsis
Liver pyemia
meningococcus sepsis
Parasites cause sepsis
Pneumococcus sepsis
Pseudomonas sepsis
Puerperal sepsis
Salmonella sepsis
Sepsis other
Sepsis other 2
Sepsis other 3
Sepsis-infusion, injection, tran
Septicemia 2
Septicemia 3
Septicemia 4
Septicemia genital organs
Septicemia other
Septicemia other 2
Septicemia urinary tract
Septicemia-sinus region
Septicemia-skin 2
Serratia sepsis
Shigella sepsis
staphylococcus sepsis
staphylococcus sepsis 2
staphylococcus sepsis 3
staphylococcus sepsis 4
Streptococcus sepsis
Viral cause Sepsis
Body heat-cold, fever
Allergy cause fever
Asthma cause fever
Body heat reduction
Body heat reduction 2
Body heat reduction 3
Body heat reduction 4
Body heat reduction other
Body heat reduction other 2
Brain fever
Brain fever 2
Fever (gallstone)
Frostbite of face
Frostbite of foot
Frostbite of hand
Frostbite other
Heat cause fever
Immersion foot syndromes
Postprocedural fever
Postvaccination fever
puerperal infection-fever
puerperium fever
Rheumatic fever
Body-soul-spirit harmony
autonomic nervous system
Bladder meridian (BL)
Blood Cholesterol
Blood Circulation
Body harmonisation
Body harmonysation 10
Body harmonysation 11
Body harmonysation 12
Body harmonysation 13
Body harmonysation 14
Body harmonysation 15
Body harmonysation 16
Body harmonysation 17
Body harmonysation 18
Body harmonysation 19
Body harmonysation 2
Body harmonysation 20
Body harmonysation 3
Body harmonysation 4
Body harmonysation 5
Body harmonysation 6
Body harmonysation 7
Body harmonysation 8
Body harmonysation 9
Brain nerves
Central nervous system
Conception vessel meridian-(Ren)
connective tissue
Crown chakra
endocrine system
fatigue 2
Female organs
Gallbladder meridian (GB)
Governing vessel meridian (DU)
Heart 2
Heart chakra
Heart meridian HE)
Immune system
Intestinal 2
Irregular heartbeat
kidney meridian (KI)
Large intestine meridian (LI)
Liver meridian (LV)
Lung meridian (LU)
Lymph system
Lymph system 2
Male genital organs
Mental condition
Mental condition 2
Metabolism disorder
Muscle 2
Pericardium meridian (P)
Pituitary gland
red blood cell
respiratory system
Root chakra
Sacral chakra
Schumann-healing power of the ear
Sinus-nasal cavity
Sleep disturbances
Small intestine meridian (SI)
Solar plexus chakra
Spinal cord
Spinal region disc
Spinal region disc 2
Spinal region disc 3
Spinal region disc 4
Spleen-pancreas meridian (SP)
Stomach meridian (ST)
Third eye chakra
Throat chakra
TMJ-Temporomandibular joint
Triple heart meridin (Sj)
Urinary system
White blood cell
Bone fracture
1-rib fracture close
1-rib fracture open
2-rib fracture close
2-rib fracture open
3-rib fracture close
3-rib fracture open
4-rib fracture close
4-rib fracture open
5-rib fracture close
5-rib fracture open
6-rib fracture close
6-rib fracture open
7-rib fracture close
7-rib fracture open
8-rib fracture close
8-rib fracture open
acetabulum fracture
acetabulum fracture 2
Ankle fracture closed
Ankle fracture open
Bimalleolar Closed fracture
Bimalleolar fracture open
Bones clsed fracture other
Bones open fracture other 2
C1 neck vertebra fracture close
C1 neck vertebra fracture open
C1-C4 vertebra fracture spinal close
C1-C4 vertebra fracture spinal close 2
C2 neck vertebra fracture closed
C2 neck vertebra fracture open
C3 neck vertebra fracture close
C3 neck vertebra fracture open
C4 neck vertebra fracture close
C4 neck vertebra fracture open
C5 neck vertebra fracture close
C5 neck vertebra fracture open
C5-C7 vertebra fracture spinal
C5-C7 vertebra fracture spinal 2
C6 neck vertebra fracture close
C6 neck vertebra fracture open
C7 neck vertebra fracture close
C7 neck vertebra fracture open
calcaneus fracture
calcaneus fracture open
carpal bone fracture close
carpal bone fracture open
Cervical vertebra fracture close
Cervical vertebra fracture open
clavicle fracture close
clavicle fracture open
Femur lower end fracture closed
Femur lower end fracture open
Femur upper part fracture closed
Femur upper part fracture open
Femus shaft fracture closed
Femus shaft fracture open
Flail chest
Forearm fracture close
Forearm fracture open
Forearm fracture other
Forearm fracture other 2
forearm middle part fracture close
forearm middle part fracture open
forearm upper end fracture close
forearm upper end fracture open
Fracture of metacarpal bone
Fracture of metacarpal bone
Fractures lower-upper limb other
Fractures lower-upper limb other 2
Fractures of lower limb
Fractures of lower limb 2
Hand bones fracture other
Hand bones fracture other 2
humerus fracture close
humerus fracture open
humerus lower end fracture clos
humerus lower end fracture open
humerus upper end fracture clos
humerus upper end fracture open
lateral malleolus fracture close
lateral malleolus open fracture 2
Lumbar spinal fracture
Lumbar spinal fracture 2
Lumbar spinal fracture close
Lumbar spinal fracture open
mandible fracture
maxillary-malar bone fracture close
maxillary-malar bone fracture open
medial malleolus closed fracture
medial malleolus open fracture
Nasal bones fracture close
Nasal bones fracture open
Other rib fracture
Other rib fracture 2
Other vertebra fracture
Other vertebra fracture 2
Patella fracture closed
Patella fracture open
Pelvis fracture
Pelvis fracture 10
Pelvis fracture 2
Pelvis fracture 3
Pelvis fracture 4
Pelvis fracture 5
Pelvis fracture 6
Pelvis fracture 7
Pelvis fracture 8
Pelvis fracture 9
Phalanges fracture of foot
Phalanges fracture of foot 2
phalanges of hand fracture close
phalanges of hand fracture open
sacrum, coccyx fracture
sacrum, coccyx fracture 2
sacrum, coccyx fracture 3
sacrum, coccyx fracture 4
sacrum, coccyx fracture close
sacrum, coccyx fracture open
Scapula fracture close
Scapula fracture open
Skull Closed fracture
Skull fracture -bleeding
Skull fracture -bleeding
Skull fracture -bleeding 2
Skull fracture brain contusion
Skull fracture open
Sternum fracture close
Sternum fracture open
T1-T6 vertebra fracture -spinal
T1-T6 vertebra fracture -spinal 2
T7-T12-vertebra fracture spinal
T7-T12-vertebra fracture spinal 2
Tarsal-metatarsal bones fracture
Tarsal-metatarsal bones fracture 2
Thoracic vertebra fracture close
Thoracic vertebra fracture open
Tibia-fibula fracture other
Tibia-fibula fracture other 2
Tibia-fibula lower part fractur 2
Tibia-fibula lower part fracture
Tibia-fibula mid part fracture
Tibia-fibula mid part fracture 2
Tibia-fibula upper part fracture
Tibia-fibula upper part fracture 2
Transcervical fracture closed
Transcervical fracture open
Trimalleolar closed fracture
Trimalleolar fracture open 2
Upper limb fracture
Upper limb fracture 2
Upper limb fracture 3
Upper limb fracture 4
Bone spur
Ankle-foot exostosis
Calcaneal spur
External Ear Exostosis
Forearm exostosis
Hand exostosis
Hip Exostosis
Hip Exostosis 2
Jaw Exostosis
Lower leg exostosis
Orbit Exostosis
Shoulder exostosis
Skull Hyperostosis
Spine Exostosis
Wrist Exostosis
Ankle, foot osteochondrosis
Ankle-foot bone infection
Ankle-foot bone infection 2
Ankle-foot osteomyelitis
Ankle-foot osteomyelitis 2
Ankle-foot osteomyelitis 3
Ankle-foot Osteopathy
Ankle-foot Periostitis
Arm bone lesion
Arm osteochondrosis
Back bone lesion
Bone cyst
Bone cyst 2
Bone cyst 3
Bone cyst 4
Bone infection
Bone infection 2
Bone infection 3
Bone infection 4
Bone infection 5
Bone infection 6
Bone inflammation
Bone inflammation 2
Bone inflammation 3
Bone inflammation 4
Bone lesion other
Bone necrosis
Bone necrosis 2
Bone necrosis 3
Bone necrosis 4
Bone repair
Bone repair 2
Bone-cartilage other
Bone-cartilage other 2
Bone-cartilage other 3
calcium metabolism
calcium metabolism 2
Femoral osteochondrosis
Forearm Acute osteomyelitis
Forearm Acute osteomyelitis 2
Forearm Acute osteomyelitis 3
Forearm bone infection
Forearm bone infection 2
Forearm Periostitis
Hand infections
Hand infections 2
Hand osteomyelitis
Hand osteomyelitis 2
Hand osteomyelitis 3
Hand Osteopathy
Hand periostitis
Head bone lesion
Hip-pelvis osteochondrosis
Leg lesion
Leg, Foot osteochondrosis
Lower arm Osteopathy
Lower leg infections 2
Lower leg osteomyelitis
Lower leg osteomyelitis 2
Lower leg osteomyelitis 3
Lower leg Osteopathy
Lower leg Periostitis
Lumbar bone lesion
Osseus defect
osteochondropathy 2
osteochondropathy 3
osteochondropathy 4
osteomyelitis 10
osteomyelitis 11
osteomyelitis 2
osteomyelitis 3
osteomyelitis 4
osteomyelitis 5
osteomyelitis 6
osteomyelitis 7
osteomyelitis 8
osteomyelitis 9
Osteoporosis 2
Osteoporosis 3
Osteoporosis 4
Osteoporosis 5
Osteoporosis repair
Pelvic, thigh osteomyelitis
Pelvic, thigh osteomyelitis 2
Pelvic, thigh osteomyelitis 3
Pelvic, thigh Periostitis
Pelvic-hip bone infection
Pelvic-hip bone infection 2
Pelvic-hip bone lesion
Pelvic-hip Osteopathy
Rib cage lesion
Sacral bone lesion
Servical bone lesion
Shoulder bone infection
Shoulder bone infection 2
Shoulder osteomyelitis
Shoulder osteomyelitis 2
Shoulder osteomyelitis 3
Shoulder Osteopathy
Shoulder Periostitis
Spine osteochondrosis
Upper arm Osteopathy
Upper limb bone infection
Upper limb bone infection 2
Upper limb osteomyelitis
Upper limb osteomyelitis 2
Upper limb osteomyelitis 3
Upper limb Periostitis
Bowel infection (Sound or wire)
Adenovirus intestinal infection
Aerobacter intestinal infection
Ameoba intestinal infection
Ameoba intestinal infection 2
Astrovirus intestinal infection
Balantidium intestinal infection
Calicivirus intestinal infection
Campylobacter infectionn
Cholera intestinal infection
Cholera intestinal infection 2
Cholera intestinal infection 3
Clostridium intestinal infection
Clostridium intestinal infection 2
Coccidium intestinal infection
Cryptosporodium intestinal infection
Cyclospora intestinal infection
E.coli bowel infection
E.coli bowel infection 2
E.coli bowel infection 3
E.coli bowel infection 4
E.coli bowel infection 5
E.coli bowel infection 6
Enterovirus intestinal infection
Giardia intestinal infection
Intestinal candidiasis
Intestinal candidiasis 2
Intestinal candidiasis 3
Intestinal infection cause diarrhea
Intestinal infection cause diarrhea 2
Intestinal infection-inflammation
Intestinal infection-inflammation 2
Intestinal Mycosis
Norwalk virus intestinal infect
Other anaerob intestinal infection
Other bacterial intestinal infection
Other bacterial intestinal infection 2
Other bacterial intestinal infection 3
Other bacterial intestinal infection 4
Other bacterial intestinal infection 5
Other bacterial intestinal infection 6
Other bacterial intestinal infection 7
Other bacterial intestinal infection 8
Other gram negativ intestinal infection
Other viral intestinal infection
Other viral intestinal infection 2
Other viral intestinal infection 3
Paracolon infection
Proteus-bowel infection
Pseudomonas- Intestinal infection
Rotavirus intestinal infection
Salmonella intestinal infection
Shigella intestinal infection
Shigella intestinal infection 2
Shigella intestinal infection 3
Shigella intestinal infection 4
SRV virus intestinal infection
Staphylococcus intestinal infection
Staphylococcus intestinal infection 2
Trichomonas intestinal infection
Typhoid A intestinal infection
Typhoid B intestinal infection
Typhoid C intestinal infection
Typhoid intestinal infection
Typhoid intestinal infection 2
Yersinia intestinal infection
Bowel malabsorption
Amino-acid malabsorbtion
Amino-acid malabsorbtion 2
Amino-acid malabsorbtion 3
Bacterial infection cause malabsorbtion
carbohydrate malabsorbtion
Celiac disease
Fat malabsorption
fructose malabsorbtion
Galactose malabsorbtion
Glucose malabsorbtion
Glucose-lactose-sucrose malabsorrbtion
intestinal malabsorption
intestinal malabsorption 2
intestinal malabsorption 3
Other malabsorbtion
Protein malabsorption
Tropical sprue
Vitamine malabsorption
Basal ganglion
Basal ganglion 2
Blood oxigen
Brain arteriosclerosis
Brain artery
Brain bleeding
Brain bleeding 2
Brain hemisphere disequilibrium
Brain hypoxia
Brain infarction
Brain stroke
Brain stroke 2
Brain thrombus
Brain tissue
Ganglion inflammation
Ganglion inflammation 2
Ganglion inflammation 3
Left-Right brain linking
Myelitis and encephalomyelitis
Brain infarction-bleeding, stroke
Artery Occlusion, stenosis
Artery repture
Artery stenosis-brain infarction
Artery stenosis-brain infarction 2
Basilar Artery Occlusion, stenosis
Basilar Artery stenosis-brain infarction
Basilar artery syndrome
Before the cerebral infarction
Bilateral stenosis-brain infarct
Brain arteriosclerosis
Brain bleeding
Brain bleeding 2
Brain bleeding 3
Brain bleeding 4
Brain bleeding other
Brain bleeding other 2
Brain bleeding other 3
Brain bleeding other 4
Brain blood vessel inflammation
Brain blood vessel inflammation 2
Brain embolism
Brain infarction
Brain infarction with thrombosis
Brain infarction with thrombosis 2
brain infarction- embolism
Brain ischemia other
Brain ischemia other 2
Brain ischemia other 3
Brain ischemia other 4
Brain ischemia other 5
Carotid artery stenosis
Carotid stenosis brain infarction
Cerebral aneurysm
Cerebral infarction, thrombosis
Cerebral infarction, thrombosis 2
Drug cause brain infarction
Ischemic cerebrovascular disease
Little stroke
Subclavian steal syndrome
Vertebral artery stenosis
vertebral artery stenosis-brain
Vertebral artery syndrome
Vertebrobasilar artery syndrome
Brain jolt-injury
Brain concussion
Brain concussion
Brain concussion
Brain concussion
Brain concussion
Brain concussion
Brain concussion
Brain concussion
Brain concussion
Brain concussion 2
Brain concussion- cerebellum injury
Brain concussion- cerebellum injury 2
Brain concussion- cerebellum injury 3
Brain concussion- cerebellum injury 4
Brain concussion- injury
Brain concussion- injury 2
Brain concussion- skull injury
Brain concussion- skull injury 2
Brain concussion- skull injury 3
Brain concussion- skull injury 4
Brain concussion-arachnoid injury
Brain concussion-arachnoid injury 2
Brain concussion-cortex injury
Brain concussion-cortex injury 2
Brain concussion-cortex injury 3
Brain concussion-cortex injury 4
Brain concussion-meninx injury
Brain concussion-meninx injury 2
Brain concussion-meninx injury 3
Brain concussion-meninx injury 4
Brain nerves-Autonomic-central
1-olfactory nerve disorder
1-olfactory nerve injury
10-vagus nerve injury
10-vagus-pneumogastric nerve disorder
11-accessory nerve disorder
11-accessory nerve injury
12-hypoglossal nerve disorder
12-hypoglossal nerve injury
2-optic nerve disorder
2-optic nerve disorder 2
2-optic nerve disorder 3
2-optic nerve disorder 4
2-optic nerve disorder 5
2-optic nerve disorder 6
2-optic nerve disorder 7
2-optic nerve disorder 8
2-optic nerve injury
2-optic nerve injury 2
2-optic nerve injury 3
2-optic nerve injury 4
2-optic nerve injury 5
3- oculomotor nerve disorder
3- oculomotor nerve disorder 2
3- oculomotor nerve disorder 3
3- oculomotor nerve disorder 4
3- oculomotor nerve injury
4-trochlear nerve disorder
4-trochlear nerve injury
5-trigeminal nerve disorders
5-trigeminal nerve disorders 2
5-trigeminal nerve disorders 3
5-trigeminal nerve disorders 4
5-trigeminal nerve disorders 5
5-trigeminal nerve injury
7-facial nerve disorder
7-facial nerve disorder 2
7-facial nerve disorder 3
7-facial nerve disorder 4
7-facial nerve injury
8-acoustic nerve disorder
8-acoustic nerve injury
9-Glossopharyngeal nerve disorder
9-Glossopharyngeal nerve injury
9-Glossopharyngeal neuralgia
autonomic nervous system disorder
autonomic nervous system disorder
autonomic nervous system disorder
autonomic nervous system disorder
autonomic nervous system disorder
autonomic nervous system disorder
autonomic nervous system disorder
autonomic nervous system disorder
autonomic nervous system disorder
autonomic nervous system disorder
autonomic nervous system disorder
Brain nerves disorder
Brain nerves disorder
Brain nerves injury
Central nervous system disorder
Central nervous system lesion
central nervous system other
central nervous system other 2
Cervical spine neuralgia
Ear mastoid neuralgia
Ear neuralgia
Eye neuralgia
Face-head nerve neuropathy
myelitis 2
myelitis 3
Nervous system lumbar region
Nervous system problems other
Nervous system problems other 2
Neuritis, neuralgia
Neuromyelitis optica
Peripheral nerve injury
Peripheral nerve injury 2
Peripheral nerve injury 3
Peripheral nerve-brain, spinal
Peripheral nervous system
Sixth eye nerve-abducens-disorder
Sixth eye nerve-abducens-injury
Spinal Surgical cause nerve problems
Spinal Surgical cause nerve problems 2
Spinal Surgical cause nerve problems 3
sympathetic nerve injury
sympathetic nerve injury
sympathetic nerve injury 2
sympathetic nerve injury 2
tympanic plexus neuralgia
Brain stroke etc consequences
1 arm paresis
1 arm paresis 2
1 arm paresis 3
1 leg paresis
1 leg paresis 2
1 leg paresis 3
Brain ischemic disturbance
Cerebrovascular dis-faceweakness
Cerebrovascular ischemic disturbance
Cerebrovascular ischemic disturbance
Cerebrovascular ischemic disturbance
Cerebrovascular ischemic disturbance
fluency disorder
hemiparesis 2
hemiparesis 3
language deficit
Other language deficits
Other paresis
Other paresis 2
Other paresis 3
Other paresis 4
Vision disturbances
Alpha brainwave (Meditation)
Alpha brainwave (Relaxation)
Beta brainwave-(arousal)
Delta brainwave-(sleeping)
Low Alpha brainwave
Low Alpha brainwave 2
Low Delta brainwave-(healing)
Low Theta brainwave-(Subconscious
Schumann-healing power(earth)
Theta brainwave-(relax)
Atrophy of breast
Breast cyst
Breast cyst 2
Breast disease
Breast fibrocyst lesion
Breast Infections (childbirth)
Breast Infections (childbirth) 10
Breast Infections (childbirth) 2
Breast Infections (childbirth) 3
Breast Infections (childbirth) 4
Breast Infections (childbirth) 5
Breast Infections (childbirth) 6
Breast Infections (childbirth) 7
Breast Infections (childbirth) 8
Breast Infections (childbirth) 9
Breast inflammation
Breast inflammation 2
Breast lesion
Breast pain
Breast pain 2
Breast problems other
Breast problems other 2
Breast swelling other
Breast swelling other 2
Breast swelling other 3
Breast tissue swelling
Deformity of breas
Fat necrosis of breast
Fibrosclerosis of breast
Galactocele 2
Galactorrhea (childbird)
Galactorrhea (childbird) 2
Galactorrhea (not childbirth)
Hypoplasia of breast
Lump or mass in breast
Lump or mass in breast 2
Paget's-Nipple and areola-breast
Ptosis of breast
Calculus (bile, kidney etc)
Appendix calculus
bronchus calculus
Calculus of prostate
Calculus of ureter
Calculus of ureter 2
conjunctiva calculus
Dental calculus
Gall stone
Gall stone 10
Gall stone 11
Gall stone 2
Gall stone 3
Gall stone 4
Gall stone 5
Gall stone 6
Gall stone 7
Gall stone 8
Gall stone 9
Intestine calculus
Kidney stone
Kidney stone 2
Lymph node-stone
Nose calculus
Pancreas stone
salivary duct calculus
Tonsil calculus
Urinary calculus
Urinary calculus 2
Urinary calculus 3
Urinary calculus 4
urinary calculus other
Vagina calculus
Cataract 2
Cataract 3
Cataract 4
Cataract 5
Cataract 6
Cataract 7
Cataract 8
Cataract 9
Cataract 9
Diabetes cause cataract
Diabetes cause cataract 2
Drug cause cataract
Eye lens cataract
Incipient cataract
Not obscuring vision cataract
Obscuring vision
Total and subtotal cataract
Toxic cause Cataract
Traumatic cataract
Traumatic cataract 2
Traumatic cataract 3
Traumatic cataract 4
Chakra, aura, third eye, cleaning
1-Root chakra
1-Root chakra 2
1-Root chakra 3
2-Sacral chakra
2-Sacral chakra 2
2-Sacral chakra 3
3-Solar plexus chakra
3-Solar plexus chakra 2
3-Solar plexus chakra 3
4-Heart chakra
4-Heart chakra 2
4-Heart chakra 3
5-Throat chakra
5-Throat chakra 2
5-Throat chakra 3
6-Third eye chkra
6-Third eye chkra 2
6-Third eye chkra 3
7-crown chakra
7-crown chakra 2
7-crown chakra 3
Aura cleansing
Aura cleansing 2
Carmic clearing
Carmic clearing 2
Chakra cleansing
Chakra cleansing 2
Energy field cleansing
Flat-room cleansing
Heavenly relationship
Heavenly relationship 2
Heavenly relationship 3
Kundalini stimulating
Kundalini stimulating 2
Negative energy cleansing
Negative energy cleansing 2
Negative energy cleansing 4
Negative energy cleansing 5
Pineal gland cleansing
Pineal gland repair
Third eye stimulating
Third eye stimulating 2
Chemotherapy and Radiation detox
Chemotherapy cause bowel problems
Chemotherapy cause pancytopenia
Chemotherapy or radiation cause allergic reaction
Chemotherapy or radiation cause allergic reaction 2
Chemotherapy or radiation cause anemia
Chemotherapy or radiation cause fatigue
Chemotherapy or radiation cause neutropenia
Chemotherapy or radiation cause pain
Chemotherapy or radiation cause pain 2
Chemotherapy or radiation cause pancytopenia
Chemotherapy or radiation cause pancytopenia 2
Chemotherapy or radiation cause poisoning
Chemotherapy or radiation cause poisoning 2
Chemotherapy or radiation cause poisoning 3
Chemotherapy or radiation cause symptoms
Chemotherapy or radiation cause symptoms 2
Chemotherapy or radiation cause symptoms 3
Chemotherapy or radiation cause symptoms 4
Chemotherapy or radiation cause vesicant
Chemotherapy or radiation cause vomiting
Chemotherapy or radiation cause vomiting or nausea
Gastrointestinal toxemia
Gastrointestinal toxemia 2
Kidney toxemia
Liver toxemia
Liver toxemia 2
Liver toxemia 3
Liver toxemia 4
Lung toxemia
Radiation cause bowel problems
Radiation cause symptoms
Chest, rib
Anomalies of ribs and sternum
Chest deformity
Chest muscle pain
Chest pain
Chest pain 2
Fracture of sternum
Fracture of sternum 2
Fracture of sternum 3
Injury of chest wall
Injury to other chest-abdominal
Pectus carinatum
Pectus excavatum
Precordial pain
Rib cage lesion
Rib cage lesion
Rib injury
Sprain of chondrosternal joint
Sprain of ribs
Sprain of ribs 2
Sprain of sternoclavicular joint
Sternum sprain
Sternum sprain 2
Child emotions
Acute reaction to stress
Anxiety, fearfulness, overanxiou
Attention deficit
Attention deficit
Attention deficit 2
Attention deficit 3
Child,adolescence emotional disturbance
Children hyperactivity
Children hyperactivity 2
Children hyperactivity 3
Children hyperactivity 4
Disobedience, agressive
Dissociative Identity Disorder
Emotional problems
Oppositional defiant
Rage reaction
Unhappiness, msery
Chromosome difference
13-15 chromosome
16-18 chromosome
21-22 chromosome
Abnormal chromosome
Abnormal chromosome 2
Autosomal deletion syndromes
Cri-du-chat syndrome
Down's syndrome
Edwards' syndrome
Gonadal dysgenesis
Klinefelter's syndrome
Other autosomal syndrome
Other autosomal syndrome 2
Other autosomal syndrome 3
Other autosomal syndrome 4
Patau's syndrome
Sex chromosome problems
Sex chromosome problems
Velo-cardio-facial syndrome
XO chromosome problems
XXX chromosome problems
XXY chromosome problems
XYY chromosome problems
Adenovirus cold
asphyxiating symptoms
Bacterial infection
common cold
common cold
common cold 2
common cold-fever
Ear symptoms
Ear symptoms 2
Ear symptoms 3
Ear symptoms 4
Ear symptoms 5
Ear symptoms 6
Ear symptoms 7
Enterovirus cold
Enterovirus cold 2
Escheria cold
Escheria cold 2
Escheria cold 3
Ethmoidal sinusitis
Eye symptoms
Eye symptoms 2
Eye symptoms 3
Frontal sinusitis
Hemophilus cold
Hemophilus cold 2
Hemophilus cold 3
Hemophilus cold 4
Hemophilus influenzae cold
Influenza cold
Influenza cold 2
Influenza cold 3
Influenza cold 4
Influenza cold 5
Influenza H1N1 cold
Influenza respiratory organs
Influenza respiratory organs 2
Larynx-Pharynx symptom
Larynx-Pharynx symptom 10
Larynx-Pharynx symptom 11
Larynx-Pharynx symptom 12
Larynx-Pharynx symptom 13
Larynx-Pharynx symptom 14
Larynx-Pharynx symptom 2
Larynx-Pharynx symptom 3
Larynx-Pharynx symptom 4
Larynx-Pharynx symptom 5
Larynx-Pharynx symptom 6
Larynx-Pharynx symptom 7
Larynx-Pharynx symptom 8
Larynx-Pharynx symptom 9
Lung symptoms
Lung symptoms 10
Lung symptoms 11
Lung symptoms 12
Lung symptoms 13
Lung symptoms 14
Lung symptoms 15
Lung symptoms 16
Lung symptoms 17
Lung symptoms 19
Lung symptoms 2
Lung symptoms 20
Lung symptoms 21
Lung symptoms 3
Lung symptoms 4
Lung symptoms 5
Lung symptoms 6
Lung symptoms 7
Lung symptoms 8
Lung symptoms 9
Maxillary sinusitis
Mucous membrane inflammation
Mucous membrane inflammation
Nasal infection
Nasal pharynx infection
Nasal pharynx mucous membrane
Other viral problems
Pneumococcus cold
Postnasal drip
Respiratory tract infection
Respiratory tract infection 2
Respiratory tract infection 3
Respiratory tract infection 4
Respiratory tract infection 5
Rhinovirus cold
Sinusitis 2
Sinusitis 3
Sinusitis 4
Sneezing 2
Staphylococcal septicemia
Staphylococcus Cold
Staphylococcus Cold 10
Staphylococcus Cold 2
Staphylococcus Cold 3
Staphylococcus Cold 4
Staphylococcus Cold 5
Staphylococcus Cold 6
Staphylococcus Cold 7
Staphylococcus Cold 8
Staphylococcus Cold 9
Staphylococcus Cold MRSA
Staphylococcus Cold MRSA 2
Staphylococcus Cold MSSA
Staphylococcus Cold MSSA 2
staphylococcus pneumonia
Streptococcus A pneumonia
Streptococcus bronchitis
Streptococcus cold
Streptococcus cold 2
Streptococcus pharyngitis
Streptococcus pleurisy
Streptococcus pneumonia
Streptococcus pneumonia
Streptococcus pneumonia 2
Streptococcus pneumonia 3
Streptococcus septicemia
tonsill-adenoid symptoms
tonsill-adenoid symptoms 10
tonsill-adenoid symptoms 11
tonsill-adenoid symptoms 2
tonsill-adenoid symptoms 3
tonsill-adenoid symptoms 5
tonsill-adenoid symptoms 6
tonsill-adenoid symptoms 7
tonsill-adenoid symptoms 8
tonsill-adenoid symptoms 9
Urinary tract symptoms
Urinary tract symptoms 2
Urinary tract symptoms 3
Urinary tract symptoms 4
Urinary tract symptoms 5
Urinary tract symptoms 6
Urinary tract symptoms 7
Urinary tract symptoms 8
Whooping cough
Whooping cough 2
Whooping cough 3
Color therapy
Blue color frequency
Carbon color frequency
Green color frequency
Orange color frequency
Red color frequency
Venice blue color frequency
Violet color frequency
Yellow-green color frequency
Yellw color frequency
Mental constipation
Outlet dysfunction constipation
Slow transit constipation
Abnormality of gait
Anal spasm
Artery cramp
Back muscle spasm
Bell's palsy
Bile cramp
Bile cramp 2
Bladder spasm
Bowel spasm
Bowel spasm 2
brain artery spasm
Bronchua spasm
Cecum spasm
Cramp of limb
diaphragm spasm
Epilepsy cramp
Epilepsy cramp 2
Esophagus Spasm
Eye artery cramp
Eye muscle cramp
Facial cramp
Herpes -trigeminal neuralgia
Intestine spasm
Larynx cramp
Larynx cramp 2
Muscle cramp
Neck artery cramp
Neck artery cramp 2
Nervous system cramp
Psychogenic cramp
Retina artery cramp
Sacrum spasm
Sleep related leg cramps
solar plexus cramp
solar plexus cramp 2
solar plexus cramp 3
solar plexus cramp 4
Spasm other
Spasm other 2
Spasm other 3
Spasm other 4
Stomach cramp
tongue spasm
Trigeminal neuralgia, cramp
Urethra spasm
Urethra spasm 2
Uterus cramp
Uterus cramp 2
Uterus cramp 3
Vena cramp
Vertebral artery cramp
Vertebral artery cramp 2
writers' cramp
writers' cramp 2
Crystal glass-bowl-gong
Christal bowl 6" 2,4 mm
Christal bowl 6" 2,5 mm
Christal bowl 6" 2,6 mm
Christal bowl 6" 2,7 mm
Christal bowl 6" 3 mm
Christal bowl 6" 3,1 mm
Christal bowl 6" 3,2 mm
Christal bowl 6" 3,3 mm
Christal bowl 6" 3,4 mm
Christal bowl 6" 3,5 mm
Christal bowl 7" 2,4 mm
Christal bowl 7" 2,5 mm
Christal bowl 7" 2,7 mm
Christal bowl 7" 2,8 mm
Christal bowl 7" 3,2 mm
Christal bowl 7" 3,3 mm
Christal bowl 7" 3,4 mm
Christal cup 5" 1,8 mm
Christal cup 5" 1,9 mm
Christal cup 5" 2,2 mm
Christal cup 5" 2,3 mm
Christal cup 5" 2,6 mm
Christal cup 5" 3,2 mm
Christal cup 6" 2,4 mm
Christal cup 6" 2,5 mm
Christal cup 6" 2,7 mm
Christal cup 6" 2,8 mm
Christal cup 6" 2,9 mm
Christal cup 6" 3,2 mm
Christal cup 7" 3,4 mm
Christal cup 7" 3,6 mm
Christal cup 8" 1,8 mm
Christal cup 8" 1,9 mm
Christal cup 8" 2 mm
Christal cup 8" 2,1 mm
Christal cup 8" 2,2 mm
Christal cup 8" 2,3 mm
Christal cup 8" 2,4 mm
Christal cup 8" 2,5 mm
Christal cup 8" 2,6 mm
Christal cup 8" 2,7 mm
Christal gong 13,75" 10,1 mm
Christal gong 13,75" 10,4 mm
Christal gong 13,75" 11,8 mm
Christal gong 13,75" 8,9 mm
Christal gong 13,75" 9 mm
Christal gong 13,75" 9,3 mm
Christal gong 13,75" 9,7 mm
Christal gong 13,75" 9,8 mm
Christal gong 13,75" 9,9 mm
Crystal energy stimulation
Crystal energy stimulation 10
Crystal energy stimulation 11
Crystal energy stimulation 2
Crystal energy stimulation 3
Crystal energy stimulation 3
Crystal energy stimulation 4
Crystal energy stimulation 5
Crystal energy stimulation 6
Crystal energy stimulation 7
Crystal energy stimulation 8
Crystal energy stimulation 9
Crystal energy tuning
Cyst, polycyst, fibrocyst
Adrenal cyst
Adrenal cyst 2
Bladder, urethra cyst
Bone cyst
Bone cyst 2
Bone cyst 3
Bone cyst 4
Brain cyst
Brain cyst 2
Brain cyst 3
Brain cyst 4
Breast cyst
Breast cyst 2
Breast cyst 3
Breast cyst 4
Cervix cyst
Cervix cyst 2
Ear cyst
Ear cyst 2
Esophagus cyst
Eye cyst
Eye cyst 10
Eye cyst 2
Eye cyst 3
Eye cyst 4
Eye cyst 5
Eye cyst 6
Eye cyst 7
Eye cyst 8
Eye cyst 9
Eyelid cyst
Fallopian tube cyst
Female genital organs cyst
Female genital organs cyst 2
Female genital organs cyst 3
Female genital organs cyst 4
Female genital organs cyst 5
Hair follicles-capillitium cyst
Jaw cyst
Jaw cyst 2
Jaw cyst 3
Jaw cyst 4
Kidney cyst
Kidney cyst 2
Kidney cyst 3
Kidney cyst 4
Kidney cyst 5
Kidney cyst 6
Kidney cyst 7
Kidney pelvis cyst
Larynx cyst
Liver cyst
Lung cyst
Lung cyst 2
Male genital organs cyst
Male genital organs cyst 2
Mouth cyst
Nasal cyst
Ovary cyst
Ovary cyst 10
Ovary cyst 11
Ovary cyst 12
Ovary cyst 13
Ovary cyst 14
Ovary cyst 15
Ovary cyst 16
Ovary cyst 2
Ovary cyst 3
Ovary cyst 4
Ovary cyst 5
Ovary cyst 6
Ovary cyst 7
Ovary cyst 8
Ovary cyst 9
Pancreas cyst
Pancreas cyst 2
Pancreas cyst 3
Parathyroid gland cyst
peritoneum 2
peritoneum 3
peritoneum cyst
Peritoneum-bowel cyst
Peritoneum-bowel cyst 2
Pharynx cyst
Pilar cyst
Pilonidal cyst
Pleura cyst
Polycystic disease
Prostate cyst
Skin cyst
Skin, Sebaceous cyst
Spinal fluid cyst
Spleen cyst
sublingual cyst
sweat glands cyst
Synovial cyst
Synovium, bursa, tendon cyst
Thymus cyst
Thyroid cyst
Thyroid cyst 2
tongue cyst
Tooth cyst
Tooth cyst 2
Ureter cyst
Urinary tract cyst
uterus cyst
Deafness, hearing loss
Acoustic nerve disorder
Acoustic nerve injury
Acoustic trauma to ear
Auditory canal anomaly
Auditory processing disorder
Auditory processing disorder 2
Auditory processing disorder 3
Central hearing loss
Conductive hearing loss
Ear neuralgia
external ear hearing loss
Hearing loss
Inner ear anomaly
Inner ear anomaly 2
inner ear hearing loss
Labyrinthine ischemia
middle ear hearing loss
Neural hearing loss
Neural hearing loss 2
Neural hearing loss 3
Neural hearing loss 4
Neural hearing loss 5
Neural hearing loss 6
Noise-induced hearing loss
Noise-induced hearing loss 2
Psichogen hearing loss
Psichogen hearing loss 2
Psichogen hearing loss 3
sensorineural hearing loss
Sensorineural hearing loss 2
sensorineural hearing loss 3
Sensorineural hearing loss 4
sensorineural hearing loss 5
Transient ischemic deafness
Tympanic membrane hearing loss
Alzheimer cause dementia
Brain lipidosis cause dementia
Creutzfeldt-Jakob dementia
Creutzfeldt-Jakob dementia 2
Dementia 2
Dementia 3
Dementia 4
Dementia 5
Dementia 6
Dementia 7
Dementia other
Dementia other 2
Dementia other 3
Dementia with lewy bodies
Epilepsy cause dementia
Frontal lobe cause Dementia
Frontal lobe cause Dementia 2
Frontal lobe cause Dementia 3
Huntington cause dementia
Parkinson cause dementia
Polyarteritis cause dementia
Presenile dementia
Presenile dementia 2
Presenile dementia 3
Presenile dementia 4
sclerosis cause dementia
Senile dementia
Senile dementia 2
Senile dementia 3
Senile dementia 4
Vascular dementia
Vascular dementia 2
Vascular dementia 3
Vascular dementia 4
5-trigeminal nerve disorders
5-trigeminal nerve disorders 2
5-trigeminal nerve disorders 3
5-trigeminal nerve disorders 4
Alveolitis of jaw
Crowding of teeth
Dental caries
Dental caries 2
Dental caries 3
Dental caries 4
Dental Root inflammation
Dental Root inflammation 2
Excessive spacing of teeth
Periapical abscess
Periapical cyst
Periapical other
Pulpitis 2
Roots of tooth
Teeth forma
Tooth eruption -Grow tooth
Tooth eruption -Grow tooth 2
Tooth eruption -Grow tooth 3
Tooth formation
Tooth pain
Atipical Depression
Atipical Depression
Bipolar Depression
Bipolar Depression 10
Bipolar Depression 11
Bipolar Depression 12
Bipolar Depression 13
Bipolar Depression 14
Bipolar Depression 15
Bipolar Depression 16
Bipolar Depression 17
Bipolar Depression 18
Bipolar Depression 2
Bipolar Depression 3
Bipolar Depression 4
Bipolar Depression 5
Bipolar Depression 6
Bipolar Depression 7
Bipolar Depression 8
Bipolar Depression 9
Depression 2
Depression 3
Dysthymic depression
Emotional lability
Major depression
Major depression 2
Major depression 3
Major depression 4
Major depression 5
Major depression 6
Major depression 7
Major depression 8
Manic depression
Manic depression 2
Manic depression 3
Manic depression 4
Obsessive-compulsive disorders
Psichogenic Depression
Detox-remedy (only if already not take these drug)
acidifying drug poisoning
alcohol deterrents poisoning
alkalizing drug poisoning
amphetamines drug poisoning
Analgesic drug poisoning
Analgesic drug poisoning 2
Analgesic drug poisoning 3
analgesics, anticough drug poisoning
androgens , anabolic steroid poi
anesthetic, depressant drug poisoning
anesthetic, depressant drug poisoning 2
anesthetic, depressant drug poisoning 3
anesthetic, depressant drug poisoning 4
anesthetic, depressant drug poisoning 5
anesthetic, depressant drug poisoning 6
anesthetic, depressant drug poisoning 7
anthelmintics drug poisoning
anti-infectives poisoning
anti-inflammatory drugs poisonin
antiallergic drug poisoning
antiasthmatics poisoning
Antibiotics other poisoning
Antibiotics other poisoning 2
anticoagulant antagonists
anticoagulants poisoning
Antidepressant drug poisoning
Antidepressant drug poisoning 2
Antidepressant halucinogen poisoning
Antidepressant halucinogen poisoning 2
Antidepressant monoamin poisoni
Antidepressant phenothiasine poisoning
Antidepressant serotonin poisoning
Antidepressant serotonin poisoning 2
Antidepressant tetracyclic poisoning
Antidepressant,benzodiazepin poisoning
Antidepressant,butirophenon poisoning 2
AntiDiarrhea drug poisoning
antidotes poisoning
antihypertensive drug poisoning
antiinfectives drug poisoning
antiinflammation drug poisoning
antimycobacterial drug poisoning
Antimycobacterial poisoning
Antineoplastic poisoning
Antiprotozoal drug poisoning
antipruritics poisoning
antipsychotics poisoning
Antireflux drug poisoning
antirheumatics drug poisoning
antirheumatics drug poisoning 2
antirheumatics drug poisoning 3
antitussives poisoning
antivaricose drug poisoning
antiviral drugs poisoning
arsenical poisoning
arteryosclerosis drug poisoning
astringents poisoning
Atifungal- poisonin
Autonomic n. system drug poisoning
barbiturates drug poisoning
BCG vaccine poisoning
blood products poisoning
blood protozoa drug poisoning
Bowel drug poisoning
bromine drug poisoning
caffeine drug poisoning
Cephalospirin poisoning
chloral hydrate drug poisoning
Cloramphenicol poisoning
common cold drug poisoning
dental drugs poisoning
Detox- antithyroid agents
Detox- irritant cathartics
Detox- parathyroid drug
Detox- thyroid derivatives
Detox-emollient cathartics
Diabetes drug poisoning
dietetics poisoning
digestion drug poisoning
digestion drug poisoning 2
digestion drug poisoning 3
diphtheria vaccine poisoning
diuretics drug poisoning
diuretics drug poisoning
diuretics drug poisoning 2
diuretics drug poisoning 3
diuretics drug poisoning 4
emetics drug poisoning
emollients poisoning
Epilepsy-tremor drug poisoning
Epilepsy-tremor drug poisoning 2
Epilepsy-tremor drug poisoning 3
Epilepsy-tremor drug poisoning 4
Epilepsy-tremor drug poisoning 5
Erythromicin poisoning
expectorants poisoning
eye drugs poisoning
Fever, analgesics drug poisonin 2
Fever, analgesics drug poisoning
Fever, analgesics drug poisoning 3
fibrinolysis-affecting poisoning
glutethimide drug poisoning
hallucinogens drug poisoning
heavy metal drug poisoning
Heroin drug poisoning
immun amplifier poisoning
keratolytics-hair treatment pois
lipotropic drugs poisoning
Liver and anemia synthetic poisoning
measles vaccine poisoning
medicinal substances
medicinal substances 2
mercurial diuretics drug poisoni
methaqualone drug poisoning
methylphenidate drug poisoning
mucous membrane-skin drug poisoning
mucous membrane-skin drug poisoning 2
muscle loosening poisoning
muscle relaxant drug poisoning
muscle relaxant drug poisoning 2
muscle relaxant drug poisoning 3
nervous system drug poisoning
nervous system drug poisoning 2
nervous system drug poisoning 3
nervous system drug poisoning 4
nervous system drug poisoning 5
nervous system drug poisoning 6
Opioid drug poisoning
Other bacterial vaccine poisoning
Other bacterial vaccine poisoning
Other bacterial vaccine poisoning 2
Other blood drug poisoning
Other blood drug poisoning 2
Other hormon drug poisoning
Other vaccine poisoning
Ovarian steroid drug poisoning
paraldehyde drug poisoning
Parasympathetics drug poisoning
Parasympathetics drug poisoning 2
paratyphoid vaccine poisoning
Penicillin poisoning
Peripheral nerve drug poisoning
pertussis vaccine poisoning
pharmaceutical excipients poison
plague vaccine poisoning
Poisoning by anterior pituitary
Poisoning by cardiac rhythm regu
Poisoning by cardiotonic glycosi
Poisoning by cardiovascular syst
Poisoning by coronary vasodilato
Poisoning by ganglion-blocking a
Poisoning by posterior pituitary
poliomyelitis vaccine poisoning
psychostimulants drug poisoning
psychostimulants drug poisoning 2
purine derivative diuretics pois
pyrazole drug poisoning
quinoline drug poisoning
rabies vaccine poisoning
respiratory drugs poisoning
saluretics drug poisoning
sedatives-hypnotics drug poisoni
sedatives-hypnotics drug poisoni 2
sedatives-hypnotics drug poisoni 3
smallpox vaccine poisoning
spinal anesthetics poisoning
sulfonamides drug poisoning
sympathetics drug poisoning
sympathetics drug poisoning 2
synthetic drug poisoning
synthetic drug poisoning 2
synthetic enzym poisoning
synthetic iron poisoning
synthetic K vitamine poisoning
synthetic vitamin poisoning
tetanus vaccine poisoning
Tetox- capillary-active drugs
Tetracycline poisoning
tranquilizers drug poisoning
typhus vaccine poisoning
vasodilator drug poisoning
Viral-bacterial rickettsia vacci
Viral-rickettsial vaccines poiso
yellow fever vaccine poisoning
Detox-benzene and homologues
Detox-carbon disulfide
Detox-carbon tetrachloride
Detox-ethyl alcohol
Detox-hlorinated hydrocarbon sol
Detox-isopropyl alcohol
Detox-methyl alcohol
Detox-other alcohol
Detox-other alcohol 2
Detox-other metal
Detox-petroleum products
Detox-radiation 2
Detoxification 2
Detox-animal sting
Detox-carbon monoxide
Detox-caustic alkalis
Detox-chlorinated hydrocarbons
Detox-chlorine gas
Detox-fish, shellfish
Detox-gas, fume, vapor
Detox-hydrocarbon gas
Detox-hydrocyanic acid gas
Detox-liquefied petroleum gases
Detox-nitrogen oxides
Detox-other food
Detox-plants, berries
Detox-polymer fume
Detox-sulfur dioxide
Milk poisoning
Detoxification process
Blood detoxification
Blood detoxification 2
Body detoxicating
Digestive system detoxification
Digestive system detoxification 2
Gallbladder detoxification
Hypohydrosis 2
Kidney detoxification
Liver detoxification
Lung detoxification
Lymph detoxification
Lymph detoxification 2
Urinary tract detoxification
acariasis cause diarrhea
Allergic diarrhea
Ameoba cause hiarrhea
Ameoba cause hiarrhea 2
Ameoba cause hiarrhea 3
Ameoba cause hiarrhea 4
Bacterial hiarrhea
Bile cause diarrhea
Bowel ulcer cause diarrhea
Capillaria diarrhea
Capillaria diarrhea 2
Chilomastix diarrhea
Cholera diarrhea
Cytomegalo diarrhea
Diarrhea 2
Diarrhea 3
Diarrhea 4
Diarrhea 5
Dyspepsia cause diarrhia
Enterobacter diarrhea
Functional diarrhea
Functional diarrhea 2
Fungal hiarrhea
Giardia diarrhea
Heterophyes diarrhea
Infectious diarrhea
Infectious diarrhea
Intestinal inflammation diarrhea
Irritable bowel syndrome
Metagonimus diarrhea
Necator diarrhea
Paracolon diarrhea
prostaglandin cause hiarrhea
Proteus diarrhea
Protozoa diarrhea
Pseudomonas diarrhea
Psichogenic Diarrhea
Shigella diarrhea
Staphylococcus diarrhea
Stomach cause diarrhea
Stomach cause diarrhea 2
Streptococcus diarrhea
Streptococcus diarrhea 2
Toxic diarrhea
Trichuria diarrhea
Viral hiarrhea
viral hiarrhea 2
Amylose digestion
Carbohydrate digestion
Gallbladder insufficiency
Lipoid digestion
Milk digestion
Pancreas hypofunction
Protein digestion
Stomach digestion
DNS repair
DNS repair 2
DNS repair 3
DNS repair 4
Self-healing repair
Self-healing repair 2
Dysarthria, Anarthria
Brain artery
Brain artery 2
Brain artery occlusion
Brain artery occlusion 2
Brain embolism
Brain infarction
Brain infarction 2
Brain thrombosis
Facial nerve dysorder
Facial nerve injury
Glossitis 2
Glossitis 3
Glossitis 4
Glossopharyngeal nerve injury
Herpes cause trigeminal problems
Hypoglossal nerve dysorder
Hypoglossal nerve injury
Psychogenic Speech dysorder
Speech dysorder
Tongue deformity
Tongue deformity 2
Tongue dysorder
Tongue dysorder 2
Traumatic nerve problems
Trigeminal nerve disorder 2
Trigeminal nerve dysorder
Trigeminal neuralgia
Trigeminal neuralgia 2
Trigeminal neve injury
Trigeminal neve injury 2
Vocal cord dysease
Vocal cord paralysis
Vocal cord paralysis 2
Dyslexia, alexia
Alexia 2
Alexia 3
Alexia 4
Dyslexia 2
Dyslexia 3
9-Glossopharyngeal nerve disorder
Acoustic nerve disorder
Acoustic nerve injury
Acoustic trauma to ear
Acute mastoiditis
Acute myringitis
Acute suppurative otitis media
Allergic otitis media
Allergic otitis media 2
Allergic otitis media3
Chronic mastoiditis
Chronic myringitis
Chronic otitis media
Chronic otitis media 2
Chronic otitis media 3
Chronic otitis media 4
chronic suppurative otitis media
Chronic suppurative otitis media 2
Chronic suppurative otitis media 3
Chronic suppurative otitis media 4
Cranial nerve injury other
Ear anomaly
Ear anomaly 2
Ear disorder
Ear disorder 2
Ear ossicles
Eustachian tube disorder
Eustachian tube disorder
Eustachian tube disorder 2
Eustachian tube disorder 3
External ear anomaly
External ear disorder
Labyrinth disorder
Labyrinthine dysfunction
Labyrinthine fistula
Mastoid disorder
Mastoid disorder 2
Middle ear disease
Middle ear, mastoid disorder
Middle ear, mastoid disorder 2
otitis media
otitis media 2
otitis media 3
otitis media 4
otitis media 5
otitis media other
Otosclerosis 2
Otosclerosis 3
Otosclerosis 4
Otosclerosis 5
Patulous Eustachian tube
Perforation of tympanic membrane
Petrositis 2
Tympanic membrane disorder
Tympanic membrane disorder 2
Vascular disorders of ear
Vertigo, labyrinthine disorders
Asteatotic eczema
Atopic eczema
Eczema herpeticum
Eczema hypertrophicum
Eczema impetiginous
Eczema marginatum
Eczema pustular
Eczema stasis
Eczema stasis 2
Eczema vaccination
Eczema verrucosum
Eczematoid otitis externa
Gouty eczema
Infantile dermatitis
intertriginous eczema
Prickly heat-eczema
Seborrheic dermatitis
Solar radiation cause dermatitis
Wiskott-aldrich -eczema
Elbow joint
Elbow Allergic arthritis
Elbow Ankylosis
Elbow arthritis
Elbow arthritis 3
Elbow arthritis 4
Elbow arthritis 5
Elbow arthritis2
Elbow arthropathy
Elbow bursitis
Elbow bursitis 2
Elbow calcification
Elbow calcification 2
Elbow cartilage
Elbow Climacteric arthritis
Elbow Contracture
Elbow contusion
Elbow contusion 2
Elbow contusion 3
Elbow contusion 4
Elbow derangement
Elbow derangement
Elbow dislocation
Elbow Effusion
Elbow Enthesopathy
Elbow Hemarthrosis
Elbow joint disorder
Elbow loose joint
Elbow pain
Elbow polyarthritis
Elbow polyarthritis 2
Elbow polyarthritis 3
Elbow rheumatism
Elbow Stiffness
Elbow symptoms
Elbow synovitis
Tennis elbow
Tennis elbow 2
Tennis elbow 3
Tennis elbow 4
Tennis elbow 5
Alcohol cause mental disorder
Amoral disorder
Depressed mood
Depressive disorder
Depressive disorder 2
Drug cause mental disorder
Drug cause mental disorder
Dysthymic disorder
Fear of animals
Fear of closed spaces
Fear of height
Grief -fear
Grief -fear physical symptoms
Hypomanic disorder
Hysterical neurosis
Mental disorders of mother, pregnancy
Other phobia
Paranoid disorder
Pathological gambling
Phobia other
Phobia other 2
Posttraumatic stress
Public phobia
Sleep arousal disorder
Endocrine glands and hormons
Abscess of thymus
Acute pancreatitis
Acute Thyroid inflammation
Adrenal disease
Adrenal disease 2
Adrenal hyperfunction
Adrenal hypofunction
Adrenogenital disorders
Anterior pituitary disorders
Anterior pituitary disorders
Anterior pituitary hyperfunction
Chronic Thyroid inflammation
Chronic Thyroid inflammation 2
Chronic Thyroid inflammation 3
Chronic Thyroid inflammation 4
Corticoadrenal insufficiency
corticoadrenal overactivity
Cushing's-adrenal hyperfunction
Diabetes insipidus
endocrine disorder
Endocrine hormons problems
Gastrin hypersecretion (Reflux)
Glucocorticoid deficiency
hormone secretion problems
Hypothalamus-pituitary connection
Hypothalamus-pituitary disturbance
Iodine hypothyroidism
Medulloadrenal hyperfunction
Neurohypophysis disorder
Ovarian failure
Ovarian failure 2
Ovarian hyperfunction
Ovary cyst
Ovary hormons disturbance
Ovary hormons disturbance 2
Ovary polycyst
Pancreas disease
Pancreas disease 2
Pancreas hormons
Pancreas hormons 2
Parathyroid gland disease
Parathyroid gland disease 2
Parathyroid gland hyperfunction
Parathyroid gland hypofunction
Pineal gland disorder
Pineal gland problems
Pituitary disorders
Pituitary disorders
Pituitary dwarfism
Poisoning by anterior pituitary
Poisoning by posterior pituitary
Removed Thyroid-hypofunction
Removed Thyroid-hypofunction
Subacute Thyroid inflammation
testicular dysfunction
testicular dysfunction 2
Testicular hyperfunction
testicular hypofunction
testicular hypofunction 2
Thymus disease
Thymus disease 2
Thymus swelling
Thyroid bleeding
Thyroid cyst
Thyroid disease
Thyroid disease 2
Thyroid disfunction
Thyroid goiter
Thyroid goiter 2
Thyroid goiter hyperfunction
Thyroid goiter hyperfunction 2
Thyroid hormons
Thyroid hyperfunction
Thyroid hyperfunction 2
Thyroid hyperfunction 3
Thyroid hyperfunction 4
Thyroid hyperfunction 5
Thyroid hyperfunction 6
Thyroid hyperfunction other
Thyroid hyperfunction other 2
Thyroid hypofunction
Thyroid hypofunction 2
Thyroid hypofunction 3
Thyroid node hyperfunction
Thyroid node hyperfunction 2
Thyroid node hyperfunction 3
Thyroid node hyperfunction 4
Thyroid node hyperfunction 5
Thyroid node hyperfunction 6
Thyroid nodular goiter
Thyroid nodular goiter 2
Thyroid nodular goiter 3
Endometriosis of fallopian tube
Endometriosis of intestine
Endometriosis of ovary
Endometriosis of peritoneum
Endometriosis of uterus
Endometriosis of vagina
Endometriosis other
Scar-skin endometriosis
10-vagus nerve disorder
10-vagus nerve injury
brain artery
Brain blood vessel sclerosis
Brain ischemia
Brain ischemia 2
Brain sclerosi-atrophic lobar
Brain sclerosi-atrophic lobar 2
Brain sclerosis other
Brain tissue
Cerebellar problems
Cerebral atherosclerosis
complex epilepsy
convulsive epilepsy
Encephalon arteriosclerosis
Epilepsia partialis continua
epilepsy symptoms
Grand mal-epilepsy
Heart disease
Heart disease 2
Infantile epilepsy
Irregular heartbeat
nonconvulsive epilepsy
Other epilepsy
Petit mal status
Tuberous brain sclerosis
Ayurveda Air element
Ayurveda Earth element
Ayurveda Ether element
Ayurveda Fire element
Ayurveda Water element
Equilibration-nervous system
Kabbala life tree-1-Keter
Kabbala life tree-10-Malkhut
Kabbala life tree-11-Da'at
Kabbala life tree-12-Genesis
Kabbala life tree-2-Chokmah
Kabbala life tree-3-Binah
Kabbala life tree-4-Chesed
Kabbala life tree-5-Gevurah
Kabbala life tree-6-Tiferet
Kabbala life tree-7-Netzach
Kabbala life tree-8-Hod
Kabbala life tree-9-Yesod
Mental pain-damage
Peace-inner voice
Piramid frequency
Piramid interior frequency
Soul aim
Spiritual communication
Spiritual studyng
Essential oils
3 Wise Men
Aroma life
Brain power
Christmas spirit
Citrus fresh
Dragon Time
Dream Catcher
Exodus II
Gentle Baby
German Chamomille
Idaho Blue Spruce
Inner Child
Into The Future
Juva Flex
Live with Passion
Peace & Calming
Present Time
Relieve it
Sacred Mountain
Trauma Life
White Angelica
ETDFL frequencyes
Arthritis 10
Arthritis 2
Arthritis 3
Arthritis 4
Arthritis 5
Arthritis 6
Arthritis 7
Arthritis 8
Arthritis 9
Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Coronavirus (COVID-19) 10
Coronavirus (COVID-19) 11
Coronavirus (COVID-19) 12
Coronavirus (COVID-19) 13
Coronavirus (COVID-19) 14
Coronavirus (COVID-19) 15
Coronavirus (COVID-19) 2
Coronavirus (COVID-19) 3
Coronavirus (COVID-19) 4
Coronavirus (COVID-19) 5
Coronavirus (COVID-19) 6
Coronavirus (COVID-19) 7
Coronavirus (COVID-19) 8
Coronavirus (COVID-19) 9
Eye bleeding
Eye bleeding 10
Eye bleeding 2
Eye bleeding 3
Eye bleeding 4
Eye bleeding 5
Eye bleeding 6
Eye bleeding 7
Eye bleeding 8
Eye bleeding 9
Gout 10
Gout 2
Gout 3
Gout 4
Gout 5
Gout 6
Gout 7
Gout 8
Gout 9
Joint 10
Joint 2
Joint 3
Joint 4
Joint 5
Joint 6
Joint 7
Joint 8
Joint 9
Pharyngo-laryngitis 10
Pharyngo-laryngitis 2
Pharyngo-laryngitis 3
Pharyngo-laryngitis 4
Pharyngo-laryngitis 5
Pharyngo-laryngitis 6
Pharyngo-laryngitis 7
Pharyngo-laryngitis 8
Pharyngo-laryngitis 9
Sinusitis 10
Sinusitis 2
Sinusitis 3
Sinusitis 4
Sinusitis 5
Sinusitis 6
Sinusitis 7
Sinusitis 8
Sinusitis 9
tinnitus 10
tinnitus 2
tinnitus 3
tinnitus 4
tinnitus 5
tinnitus 6
tinnitus 7
tinnitus 8
tinnitus 9
Uterus benign
Uterus benign 10
Uterus benign 2
Uterus benign 3
Uterus benign 4
Uterus benign 5
Uterus benign 6
Uterus benign 7
Uterus benign 8
Uterus benign 9
Wart 10
Wart 11
Wart 12
Wart 13
Wart 14
Wart 15
Wart 16
Wart 17
Wart 18
Wart 19
Wart 2
Wart 20
Wart 3
Wart 4
Wart 5
Wart 6
Wart 7
Wart 8
Wart 9
Brown's strabismus
Burn of eye and adnexa
Chronic canaliculitis
Conjunctiva hemorrhage
Cornea injury
Corneal disorders
Corneal edema
Crystalline deposits in vitreous
Deep inflammation of eyelid
Degenerated eye
Diabetic retinopathy
Dislocation of lacrimal gland
Endophthalmitis 2
Eversion of lacrimal punctum
External ophthalmoplegia
Eye deformity
Eye disorder
Eye displacement
Eye extraocular muscles
Eye fistula
Eye glaucoma
Eye hemorrhage
Eye hemorrhage 2
Eye hemorrhage 3
Eye hemorrhage 4
Eye inflammetion
Eye injury
Eye injury 2
Eye injury 3
Eye itch
Eye lens
Eye lens 2
Eye muscles
Eye muscles 2
Eye pain
Eye Phthisis
Eye tissue injury
Eye tissue injury 2
Eye tissue injury 3
Eyeball burn
Eyes sensitive to light
Fourt eye nerve-trochlear-disorder
Hordeolum externum
Hordeolum internum
irregularities of eye movements
irregularities of eye movements 2
Lacrimal fistula
Lacrimal gland disease other
Lacrimal gland disease other
Lacrimal gland disease other 2
lacrimal system
Lacrimal system disease other
Lacrimal system disorder
Lens disorder other
Macular degeneration
occipital region
Ocular laceration-problems
Optic nerve injury
Optic neuritis
Optic neuritis 2
Paresis of accommodation
Redness of eye
Retina problems
Retina problems 2
Retina problems other
Retina-pigment epithelium separat
Retinal cysts, retinoschisis
Second-optic nerve disorder
Second-optic nerve disorder 2
Sixth eye nerve-abducens-disorder
Subluxation of lens
Swelling eye
Third oculomotor nerve disorder
Third oculomotor nerve disorder 2
Traumatic eye
vitreous body
vitreous humor
Eye far sighted
Blood circulation disease
Blood circulation disease 2
Brain arteriosclerosis
Brain circulation disease
Brain circulation disease 2
Eye tissue
Kidney disease
Liver disease
Neck artery
Retina 2
Retina blood circulation
Acute endophthalmitis
Amblyopia ex anopsia
Balint's visual disturbance
Binocular vision disorder
Blindness 10
Blindness 2
Blindness 3
Blindness 4
Blindness 5
Blindness 6
Blindness 7
Blindness 8
Blindness 9
Blurry Vision
Chronic endophthalmitis
Color vision deficiencies
low vision
low vision 2
low vision 3
low vision 4
Night blindness
Night blindness 2
Night blindness 3
Night blindness 4
Night blindness 5
Sudden visual loss
toxic visual loss
Transient visual loss
Transient visual loss 2
Visual disorder other
Visual distortions of shape and
Visual field defect
Vogt-koyanagi-eye pigment
Contact lens cause corneal disorder
Cornea fistula
Corneal acid cause burn
Corneal alkaline cause burn
Corneal arcus
corneal burn
Corneal deformity
Corneal disorder
Corneal disorder 2
Corneal ectatic disorders
Corneal edema
Corneal edema 2
Corneal edema 3
Corneal erosion
Corneal Hereditary
Corneal Hereditary 2
Corneal Hereditary 3
Corneal Hereditary 4
Corneal Hereditary 5
corneal herpes infection
corneal herpes infection 2
corneal infections other
corneal infections other 2
Corneal keratoconus
Corneal keratoconus 2
Corneal keratoconus 3
Corneal opacity
Corneal opacity 2
Corneal opacity 3
Corneal opacity 4
Corneal pigments
Corneal pigments 2
Corneal pigments 3
Corneal pigments 4
Corneal staphyloma
Corneal ulcer
Corneal ulcer 2
Corneal ulcer 3
Corneal ulcer 4
Corneal ulcer 5
Corneal ulcer 6
Corneal ulcer 7
Keratitis 2
Keratitis 3
Keratitis 4
Keratitis 5
Keratitis 6
vitamin A deficiency
Hyperthyroidism-nodular 2
Hyperthyroidism-nodular 3
Progressive high (degenerative)
Retina 2
Thyroid disease
Thyroid disease 2
Facial paralysis
3-eye nerve palsy
3-eye nerve palsy 2
4-eye nerve palsy
5-brain nerve palsy (Herpes)
5-nerve palsy
5-nerve palsy 2
6-eye nerve palsy
7-Facial nerve palsy
7-Facial nerve palsy 2
Bell's (child)
Bell's 2
Brain artery occlusion other
Brain embolism
Brain embolism 2
Brain softening
Brain thrombosis
Brain thrombosis 2
Cerebral hemorrhage
Cerebral hemorrhage 2
Cerebral hemorrhage 3
Cerebral hemorrhage 4
Herpes zoster
Herpes zoster 2
Ocular motion disturbance
Ocular motion disturbance 2
Ophthalmoplegia 2
Traumatic Cerebral hemorrhage
Abnormal feces
Abnormal feces
Abnormal feces 2
Autonomic dysreflexia
Blind loop syndrome
Blood in stool
Blood in stool 2
Fecal impaction
Fecal impaction 2
Fecal impaction 3
Fecal smearing
incontinence of feces
Intestinal disorder
Intestinal fat malabsorbtion
Intestinal fat malabsorbtion
intestinal obstruction
Intestinal reflex
Intestine impaction
Intestine impaction 2
Psichogenic incontinence of fece
Psichogenic incontinence of fece 2
Tropical sprue
Volvulus 2
Carnitine deficiency
Carnitine deficiency 2
Carnitine deficiency 3
Carnitine deficiency 4
Chronic fatigue
Fatigue and malaise
Heart cause fatigue
Mitochondrial metabolism
Muscle weakness
Overload cause fatigue
Senility fatigue
Stress cause fatigue
Female genitalia
Anomaly of fallopian tubes
Anomaly of fallopian tubes 2
Anomaly of fallopian tubes 3
Anomaly of fallopian tubes 4
Anomaly of fallopian tubes 5
Bartholin's gland inflammation
Cervix disorder
Cervix disorder 2
Cervix ectropion -ulcer
Cervix other
Cervix other 2
Cervix polyp
Cervix stenosis
Cervix stenosis 2
Dysplasia of vagina
Endometriosis of ovary
Endometriosis of uterus
Fallopian tube
Fallopian tube 2
Fallopian tube 3
Fallopian tube cyst
Fallopian tube cyst 2
Female genital organs anomaly
Female genital organs anomaly 2
HPV-(genital organs)
HPV-(genital organs) 2
HPV-(genital organs) 3
HPV-(genital organs) 4
Hypertrophy of uterus
Malposition of uterus
Ovary 2
Ovary 3
Ovary cyst
Ovary cyst 2