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Welcome to our site! Thank you for honoring us during your purchase! is operated by BIO HARMONIA.

The bioresonance management options, tools and paintings on the web portal are available in two ways:

Under the Online Purchase Terms (Online) Terms and Conditions on the Web Site.

In retail at the headquarters of BIO HARMONIA.

Please be informed that if you order products from us through the website, the content of the contract between us - in addition to the provisions of the relevant binding legislation - shall be determined by these General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: GTC).

Accordingly, this GTC includes the rights and obligations of you and BIO HARMONIA, the terms of the contract, the delivery deadlines, delivery and payment terms, liability rules and the conditions for exercising the right of withdrawal. The prospectus and declaration templates available on the website and the information available on the website are annexed to this GTC.

Please read this document carefully before finalizing your order, as you are agreeing to the terms of this GTC by finalizing your order.

If you have any questions about this Terms of Use, the use of the website, the individual products, the course of the purchase, or if you would like to discuss your specific needs with us, please contact us with the contact details provided.

Introductory data, concepts, interpretative provisions

Service / Online / Information Business


Headquarters: 4300 Nyírbátor Kisszoros utca 32. Hungary

Mailing address: 4300 Nyírbátor Kisszoross utca 32. Hungary

Address of business, reception point: 4300 Nyírbátor Kisszoross utca 32. Hungary

Registration Court: Metropolitan Court Court of Registration

Registration number: 50577543

Tax number: 67795363-1-35

Representative: Ágnes Serbánné Szondi

Phone number: +36 30-357-1142



Account number: 10404467-50526754-67761007

Data protection registration number: in progress


hosting Provider

Name: Bere-Net Kft.

Address: 4400 Nyíregyháza, István u. 6th

Contact: +36 70 770 75 35,


Parties: Seller and Buyer collectively

Consumer: a natural person acting outside his trade, profession or business

Consumer contract: a contract that is subject to a consumer being a consumer

Website: is a web-based communication device

Contract: A sales contract concluded between Seller and Buyer using the Website and electronic mail

A means of communication between remote parties is a device that is capable of making a contract statement in the absence of the parties to conclude a contract. Such tools include, in particular, the addressee or the unaddressed form, the standard letter, the advertising order form published in the press, the catalog, the telephone, the fax and the Internet access

Out-of-Contract Agreement: A consumer contract that is concluded in the context of a distance selling system organized for the provision of a contract product or service without the simultaneous physical presence of the parties, so that, in order to conclude the contract, the contracting parties use only means of distance communication

Product: All marketable movable property included in the Site offered for sale and intended for sale, subject to the Agreement

Entrepreneurship: a person who pursues his or her profession, self-employment or business

Buyer / You: the person who entered into a contract to make a purchase offer through the Website

In the case of contracts concluded between the consumer and the business (hereinafter referred to as the consumer contract), the warranty is a statutory warranty for consumer contracts under the Civil Code and in a separate law.

Relevant legislation

In particular, the following legislation applies to the Treaty:

year CLV. Act on Consumer Protection;

year CVIII. Act on Certain Issues of Electronic Commerce Services and Information Society Services;

Act V of the Year on Civil Code (PTK);

151/2003. (IX. 22.) Government Decree on mandatory guarantees for certain durable consumer goods;

Government Decree 45/2014 (II.26) on detailed rules for contracts between the consumer and the undertaking;

19/2014. (IV. 29.) NGM Decree between consumer and business

Relevant legislation

In particular, the following legislation applies to the Treaty:

year CLV. Act on Consumer Protection;

year CVIII. Act on Certain Issues of Electronic Commerce Services and Information Society Services;

Act V of the Year on Civil Code (PTK);

151/2003. (IX. 22.) Government Decree on mandatory guarantees for certain durable consumer goods;

Government Decree 45/2014 (II.26) on detailed rules for contracts between the consumer and the undertaking;

19/2014. (IV. 29.) NGM on the Procedural Rules for Handling Warranties and Warranties for Things Selled under a Contract between a Consumer and an Enterprise

The scope of the GTC, the amendment of the GTC

The contract entered into between you and the Seller shall be governed by the applicable GTC, in addition to the applicable law. The Seller is entitled to change the provisions of this GTC within the framework of the relevant legislation. Please read the GTC before buying! Any amendment to the GTC is valid from its appearance on the website. Possible changes will not affect existing contracts (confirmed orders).

3.1. Accepting GTC

You must familiarize yourself with the provisions of this GTC before finalizing your order. By purchasing through, you agree to the terms of this GTC and the GTC is part of the contract between you and the Seller.

3.2. The language of the contract

The language of the contracts covered by this GTC is the Hungarian language.

3.3. Information on the form of the contract

Contracts falling within the scope of this GTC shall not be considered as written contracts, they shall not be registered by the Seller, and after the performance, they shall not store the data related to the contract, but will naturally issue an invoice for the transactions. We recommend that you keep your proof of purchase for future claims.

3.4 Prices

The prices on our website are published in one way: the prices shown primarily do not include VAT. Prices are for information only and we reserve the right to change prices.

More consumer information

You are a consumer if you are buying from a Seller as a private individual (natural person), self-employed or doing business.

Complaint handling, law enforcement options

5.1. Warranty matters

In the event of a warranty problem, the Seller will inspect the product at its customer service during the opening hours, and will take a protocol in case of a consumer complaint.

5.2. complaint management

The consumer may submit the consumer objections related to the product or the activity of the Seller to the following contact details, but in the interest of smooth administration we suggest that you submit your complaint at our headquarters (4300 Nyírbátor Kissoros utca 32. Hungary).

5.3. Other enforcement options

If the potential consumer dispute between Seller and Consumer is not resolved during the negotiations, the following remedies are available to the consumer:
• Complaint from consumer protection authorities. If the consumer detects a violation of his / her consumer rights, he / she is entitled to complain to the competent consumer protection authority of his / her place of residence. After the complaint has been considered, the authority will decide on the conduct of the consumer protection procedure.
• Arbitration body. The consumer may initiate proceedings with a conciliation body operating under the jurisdiction of the competent chamber of the place of residence for the purpose of settling the consumer disputes concerning the quality, safety and product liability of the products and the conclusion and performance of the contract.

The jurisdiction of the conciliation body is to settle the consumer dispute out of court. It is the task of the conciliation body to try to establish a settlement between the parties for the purpose of resolving the consumer dispute, and in case of ineffectiveness, make a decision on the enforcement of consumer rights in a simple, quick, effective and cost-effective manner. The conciliation body shall, at the request of the consumer or the undertaking, advise on the rights and obligations of the consumer.

The proceedings of the conciliation body shall commence at the request of the consumer. The request must be made in writing to the chair of the conciliation body: the written requirement may be met by letter, telegram, telecopier or fax, and by any other means that allows the recipient to store the data addressed to him for a reasonable period of time in accordance with the purpose of the data. and displaying stored data in unchanged form and content.

The application must include

(a) the name, residence or residence of the consumer;
(b) the name, registered office or place of business of the undertaking concerned by the consumer dispute;
(c) where the consumer has requested the designation of a body to replace the competent conciliation body;
(d) a brief description of the consumer's position, the facts supporting it and their evidence;
(e) a statement by the consumer that the consumer has attempted directly with the undertaking concerned to settle the dispute;
(f) a statement by the consumer that the proceedings of the other conciliation body have not been initiated, no mediation procedure has been initiated, no application has been lodged or no request for payment has been made;
(g) a motion for a decision of the Board;
(h) the signature of the consumer.
The application shall be accompanied by the document or a copy (extract) of which the consumer refers as evidence, in particular a written declaration by the undertaking rejecting the complaint or, failing that, any other written evidence available to the consumer regarding the attempted conciliation.

If the consumer acts by proxy, the application must be accompanied by a proxy.

For more information on Conciliatory Bodies, see:

Court proceedings. The Client is entitled to bring the claim arising from the consumer dispute to court in a civil procedure under Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code and Act III of 1952 on the Code of Civil Procedure. according to the provisions of the Act.
In consumer protection administrative matters, the Consumer Protection Supervisors of the Budapest and County Government Offices and, secondly, the National Consumer Protection Authority act in the first instance with county jurisdiction. The jurisdiction is based on the consumer's domicile, the place of business, the place of business and the place where the offense was committed. The application may be submitted to any competent inspectorate.

Data protection

You can access our Data Management Guide on Data Management Information PDF.


Copyright Act 1999 LXXVI. Pursuant to Section 1 (1) of the Act (hereinafter: Szjt.), the web site is a copyright work, and therefore all parts of it are protected by copyright. The Szjt. Article 16 (1) prohibits the use of graphic and software solutions on the website, the unauthorized use of computer software, or the use of any application that may modify the website or any part thereof. Take any material from the website and its database to BIO HARMONIA. In case of written consent, it can only be referenced by the link to the website and the source.


If a provision of the GTC is legally incomplete or invalid, then the remaining parts of the contract will remain valid and the applicable provisions will apply instead of the invalid or defective part.
The Seller does not have a Code of Conduct for Prohibiting Unfair Commercial Practices against Consumers.

Operation of digital data content, technical protection measures

The availability of servers providing data on the website is over 99.9% per annum. Data storage is stored on servers by RAID technology on multiple hard drives. If any hard disk is damaged, the system will remain functional with the remaining hard drives. Regular backup of the entire data content is done, so the original data content can be restored in case of a problem.

Interoperability of digital data content with hardware and software

The information displayed on this website is stored in a MSSQL and MySQL database. Sensitive data is stored with encryption of adequate strength, using hardware-based hardware support for their encoding.

Information on using the website

11.1. Information on the essential characteristics of the products

On the website, we provide information on the essential features of the products available for purchase in the product descriptions. The information on the product page is for information only! Pictures are occasional illustrations, colors do not always match reality! BIO HARMONIA. at any time, without notice, you may modify the materials on this site or the products and prices shown therein. In the case of a non-stocked product, the prices quoted are indicative and will always depend on the actual purchase options.

11.2. Correcting data entry errors - Responsibility for the reality of the data you provide

You will be able to modify the data you entered before the order is finalized during the order. Please note that it is your responsibility to enter the information you provide, as the product will be billed or delivered based on the information you provide. By placing your order, you acknowledge that the Seller is entitled to bear any damage and expense arising from your incorrect data entry, inaccurate data provided. The Seller excludes his / her responsibility for performance based on inaccurate data entry. Please note that a poorly-specified email address or post office space saturation may result in a lack of delivery of a confirmation and may prevent you from entering into a contract.

11.3. Procedure for wrong price

There may be a wrong price on the website. In particular, a defective price is considered to be a flawed price, which is significantly different from a well-known, generally accepted or estimated price available on the market, possibly due to system failure or typing. In case of a defective price, we cannot accept the order (your offer) at the wrong price and we are not obliged to sell the product at a wrong price. There is no contract between us when bidding at the wrong price. If you bid at a wrong price, the system will automatically confirm it, but this is not an acceptance of the offer on our part. In the case of an incorrect quotation (order) made by you, the Seller's employee sends your attention to the correct price and offers you the right to make the contract at the right price. You are not obliged to bid and conclude a contract at the right price provided by the Seller, instead of the incorrect price. There is no contract between the parties in this case.

The process of ordering

You must register to use this website or purchase it.

The information provided on this website does not constitute an offer for the conclusion of a contract by the Seller. In the case of orders falling within the scope of this GTC, you are deemed to be a tenderer and the contract is concluded with the acceptance of the offer made by you through the website in accordance with the provisions of this GTC.
To access the webshop's user guide, click this link: user guide

Finalize Order (Bidding)

If you are satisfied with the products you want to order and your details are correct when you register, you can close your order by making a transfer (you can make a bid). By sending the "Transfer" you expressly acknowledge that your offer is deemed to have been made and your statement - in accordance with the Seller's present GTC - will result in the finalization of the order.

Processing your order

Orders are processed continuously and in two steps. You have the option to Register at any time. For the first time, the registration procedure is 14.1. - receive automatic feedback. You can activate your package after automatic feedback. By registering, you agree to the Terms of Use.

14.1. Automatic confirmation email

After registration, you will receive an email notification from the Seller in practice within a few minutes, but not later than 48 hours. Automatic email only records the fact that your Registration has arrived through the website, but this confirmation does not constitute acceptance of your offer. If you notice that your automated verification email notification contains incorrect information (such as name, user name, shipping address, etc.), you are obliged to do so by emailing us with the correct information immediately. In the event of failure to do so, the present General Terms and Conditions 11.2. are used. If you do not receive the automatic confirmation email within 24 hours of Registration, please contact us because your registration may not have been made for technical reasons.

14.2. Contract conclusion, acceptance of the offer by the Seller

The Seller will contact you by email during the working day following the submission of your offer. As a consequence of confirmation by the Seller's colleague by e-mail, the ordered product will be e-mailed to the Buyer and the Seller by e-mail or by the Seller. a contract of delivery is created.

The product you have selected may not be available in our warehouse. The expected delivery deadline for the orders or the availability of the product in our warehouse will be marked on confirmation at each order. Depending on the stock, the actual delivery time will be determined, but you will be informed about this in the email confirmation and indicate whether it is acceptable to you. If you are unable to accept the delivery date, the contract will not be concluded and you will not be liable for the payment and the Seller will not be liable for the delivery.

14.3 Registration Terms

By registering, you agree to the Terms of Use. You may use Online Bioresonance Frequency Management at your own risk, under the terms of this manual.

Method and conditions of payment

15.1. A set of your payment obligations

After placing an order and / or Registration, you may pay your order by prepayment or in cash. The invoice is included in the package and / or e-mail you have delivered.

15.2. Payment methods

15.2.1. Cash payment at our headquarters

You have the opportunity to pay the product in cash at our headquarters. Take over the original invoice we hand over.

15.2.2. Forward references

After you place your order and / or Registration, you will prepay for the product, then activate or send your package.

We will send you an E-invoice by email, on the basis of which the transfer was made.

Receiving the ordered product

On the page, the Buyer selects the product to be picked up or received. the method of delivery. The cost of delivering the product shall be borne by the Customer. In the case of product delivery at the Seller's premises, the purchase price shall not be charged to the shipping cost. The method of paying the price of the products is selected by the Buyer during the purchase on the site. Allowed delivery address

In case of delivery of the products please contact us for personal consultation, the specified shipping charges are to be discussed! Presumption of eligibility for acceptance

The Seller considers the person responsible for the receipt of the product to be your designated representative for this task, who is also entitled to make any delivery notices related to the transfer.

Order of quality and quantity objection

You are required to make any qualitative or quantitative objections to the product received at the time of delivery at the time of delivery and receipt, and to compare the product received with the items on the invoice and to report any discrepancies.

Please note that the package should be checked before delivery to the courier and, in case of damage, ask for a record. We cannot accept a post-minutes complaint without a record.

If you did not make any objection at the time of the handover, the items on the invoice are considered to be fully delivered.

If you do not obstruct the proper use of the delivered Product, you will not be entitled to refuse to accept the Product - or on the same basis - to pay the Product price.

Please note that in all cases, we return a photo and / or video documentation of the products you have returned to verify the return status.

Delivery deadline, liability

The general delivery deadline for the order is up to 30 days from the order confirmation. This delivery deadline is indicative and will always be notified by e-mail. By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, you acknowledge that Seller expressly excludes liability for damages due to exceeding the specified delivery time. Liability for the product and the risk to the Buyer will pass when the Customer has received the product ordered on the portal.

Reservation of rights

Some of the products on our website may be delayed due to lack of raw materials. With this in mind, we reserve the right to refuse partially or fully confirmed orders. Partial performance may only take place after consultation with you. In the event of a prepayment of the purchase price of the product, the amount will be refunded to you within 5




I understand that my Online Bioresonance Manager is myself, I handle myself, my family, or my friends, with Online Bioresonance frequencies.

I understand that the frequencies exposed to powerloading do not diagnose, prevent or cure any disease and do not replace any medical or psychological treatment.

I understand that Online Bioresonance treatment teaches me how to reduce stress by using bioresonance, reduce my pain, relax and improve my quality of life.

I understand that the purpose of the treatment is to reduce stress and muscle relaxation, so I learn to: 1) reduce stress, 2) reduce my pain, 3) improve my quality of life.

I acknowledge that faulty (short-circuited, torn wire, desktop computer, etc.) equipment may cause physical and material damage to the Operator as the Operator is not responsible, as the user is obliged to check it and it is the user's responsibility.

I understand that the application may be safe but may cause emotional waves such as drowsiness, tingling, pinching, cold feeling, warm feeling, and pain. Other side effects are not known. If I notice anything unusual, I will immediately notify the Operator to avoid further incidents.

I recognize that it is not a substitute for Online Bioresonance Treatment for direct medical intervention, surgery, and drug treatments.

I have understood that it is my responsibility to continue the medical treatment that has been started, the Operator disclaims it, to postpone it in any way.

I understood that it was important to stay with my doctor and consult her if I had any illness that could be affected by relaxation.

I understand that Online Bioresonance Wired Body Treatment is not a pacemaker man. I understand that in the case of Online Bioresonance Wired Water Treatment, the cord must not be touched by a pacemaker.

I know it is my responsibility to judge how long Online Bioresonance treatment is good for me. If any inconvenience occurs, I will immediately notify the site operator via email.

Research has shown that for most people, bioresonance is very effective and useful, but in some it is ineffective. With these in mind, I accept if it does not change me.

I understand that all the data I have given to you under the strictest conditions will remain secret unless required by law or I publish it myself.

I acknowledge that my opinion on the Website is personal data, from which I can deduce my specific data, whether it is of origin or political opinion. These data become available to everyone. I understand that my webmaster will remove my opinion on my request within 3 days.

Limitation of liability

The Seller assumes no responsibility for any loss of data, software restoration, stand-by loss or loss of profit.

Furthermore, the Seller assumes no liability whatsoever for any consequences or damages caused by the use of the product by the Buyer for any reason. Products purchased by the Buyer are incorrect or damaged and the products are defective on laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, etc. BIO HARMONIA does not assume any liability for use of this product.

In addition, the Seller is not responsible for: Online Bioresonance treatments can only be used by the user at his own risk or for others!

When charging water with frequencies, the cable must be caught by persons with pacemakers, and the Seller disclaims any responsibility for the resulting problems!

For people with pacemakers, it is forbidden to handle your body with a bodybuilding cord! )

Any malfunction in the Internet network that prevents the site from working smoothly and purchasing.

Out of product displayed on this page. Any offer of the Seller is valid only up to the value of the stock.

Any malfunction in any receiving device due to transport or misuse.

Loss or destruction of any document, whether received in paper or electronic form.

Buyer is responsible for connecting to and purchasing. The Seller shall not be held liable in any event in the event of force majeure or any incident that is not under its control.

The Seller is free to change any price or deadline. The change will take effect from the date of display on

Exclusion of resale

Buyers are entitled to purchase products exclusively for their own use under the terms of purchase indicated on the portal, but are not authorized to engage in resale activities.


22.1 Private users.


22.1 Private users. online bioresonance prices shown for Private use.'s exposed frequencies are only for private use at the indicated prices.


23.1 Frequencies, audio materials, written materials, and opportunities posted on the website are the property of BIO HARMONIA. It is strictly forbidden to make copies of them or to duplicate them.

By signing the GTC, I acknowledge that I have read and acknowledged the contents of the document, the contents exposed to, as well as all of my questions regarding Online Bioresonance treatment. 

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