Subscription: 250 USD or 220 EUR /Year
Subscription: 125 USD or 110 EUR / 3 Month




SCIO Bioresonance

The survey of the condition in cellular level, and treatment.

The bioresonance Status Survey and bioresonance Treatment (VERY STRONG) Scio bioresonance + online bioresonance are double-stranded. Each of our cells or our organs works at a certain vibration rate. If the vibration rate is unbalanced, for example, because of the stress or pathogens, the health of the cells or the organs begins to deteriorate and the illness of the body starts as well. Approximately 12,000 vibration numbers are entered into the Scio apparatus, and they are compared with each other when the body is tested at a cellular level to check which of our organs is working inappropriately. In the case of back-ups, they restore their correct vibration, thereby the self-healing process of the body begins and the health is back. At NASA researchers also improved this treatment process. Bioresonance machines have been in use for 25-30 years.They are used in health care in many countries as well. After placing the bands around the two ankles, the two wrists and the head the experiments and the treatments happen applying bio vibrations, it lasts approximately 2 hours but only 1 hour under 3 years old. The treatment process can be vary depending on the disease. Patients can relax or read a book during the treatment.

The sequence of the experiments and the treatments:

The survey of the condition in cellular level to diagnose which of our organs or processes work inappropriately.It is good for harmonising and cleansing the chakras and the aura, remove energy blocks and treating the meridian points of the diseased organs using frequencies.Start the treatment called Rife, Trivector, Scalar, Bicom, Mora, Holo linguistic, Orgon, Zapper, the experiment and the treatment of the vertebrae, muscles, bones, organs, nerves, blood, etc.Starting the general and high detoxification functions, removal of the toxins and harmonising the vitamins, enzymes, minerals and hormones. The treatment of the removal of the fungi, viruses, bacteria, parasites and pathogens that are harmful to the body. Starting additional treatments recommended by the apparatus. Stopping the treatments, the evaluation of the results.

“It is always easier to know and prevent the disease in time than to live with it or reverse it”, so a health check is definitely recommended every year.

Asking for an appointment is important. You can do it on email:, +3630 357 1142.

For Pacemakers, Wired Body Treatment is Forbidden! We recommend listening to the online frequencies and using the frequency-treated water.


SCIO bioresonance treatment Prices:

Scio +  double biorezonancy identifying the illnesses or the problems and the treatment of them.18 USD or 16 EUR/2 hours in the location called Nyírbátor.

Scio + double fiber biorezonance treatment 11 USD or 10 EUR/ 2 hours -Nyírbátor.

Scio- treatment of giving up smoking 9 USD or 8 EUR/ 45 min-Nyírbátor.

Professional (VERY STRONG) Scio-Bioresonant treatment is available for families, or first-class sportsman, actor, businessman or politician. To complete this order, order our therapist have to travel to the location of the patients. Our therapist is: Csaba Serbán is the Naturopath, Scio Therapist and Herb Therapist. The price of the treatment: 2 million HUF or 7400 USD or 6300 EUR/ 1-6 people/ month, plus travelling plus the accommodation plus breakfast, lunch dinner.

These treatments require a Scio Bioresonance machine and operator.




SCIO and EDUCTOR Bioresonance machines sales:

SCIO, EDUCTOR Bioresonance machines can be ordered in a short time.

All machines are equipped with 1 newest control software, 1 leg strap, 1 headband, training materials. Laptop on demand. Education on demand.




Our Bioresonance educational prices:

SCIO and EDUCTOR Bioresonance Education We undertake.

Personal presence or distance learning is available.


1, SCIO or EDUCTOR General Bioresonance Education 535 USD or 475 EUR. This includes written and video tutorials.

2, SCIO or EDUCTOR Professional Bioresonance Education 8893 USD or 7925 EUR. This includes written and video tutorials. In addition, it contains the treatment techniques and training materials specially developed by BIO HARMONY (5,5 year development), applications, wires, all of the management enhancements, and the software automation. With these techniques, the efficacy of SCIO and EDUCTOR treatments can be significantly increased. Managing people who are less responsive to frequencies becomes easier to treat. Time spent on software control decreases. The automata performs most of the tasks (for most treatment technicians, only machine supervision is required). This makes it easy for an operator to apply multiple machines at the same time. (Especially recommended for operators). With this technique, a novice operator can easily use Scio and Eductor.


The experiments of the treatment of NELSON SCIO

 The Scio treatment is said not to be effective enough, so a lot of people don’t want to try it either because they don’t believe in it. For example, little kids, they don't know what they are getting, but they are getting better from treatments. There are people who do not respond well to frequencies. I send the frequencies to their body with a stronger volume. If you believe in it, if no, you will experience the change. (Body response to frequency can also be improved, but it is still under test).Those who have already wanted this kind of treatment, the question is whether they have found a so-called good operator or not. There are people who have already had the specification of their condition, that’s why they didn’t feel anything, moreover they got scared looking at a lot of health problems. It may happen that the operator is weak. A lot of things depend on the body. There are people whose body accepts the frequencies easily but there are people whose doesn’t. In this case they need a lot of treatments to recover.

I wouldn’t say that I am a good Scio operator, but I always do my best. 1 people out of 10 don’t feel anything when they come to me. Those who don’t feel the effect of the first treatment is usually 1-2 people out of 50. I can’t say that I can cure everybody’s health problems. People would like if all of their symptoms disappeared after one treatment. Unfortunately, it is impossible. The health problems are serious and in most cases they are accumulate. The focus should be on prevention.

In addition to the Eductor, Scio, Indigo bioresonance treatments, the application of the water treatment technique improves performance.



Scio’s programme is for a beauty therapy.

Menu for the beauty experience. You can choose from the following options:

EternaVitale - for restoring energy. Will replenish your optimal energy levels and work to rebalance the seven major energy centers of the body, allowing you to function with optimal ease, joy and efficiency.

EternaYouth .- for youthfulness. Brings you all the powerful healthy aging benefits of micro current tech- nologies helping you look and feel years younger.

EternaSerene - for reduction of stress. This is the ultimate deep relaxa- tion program for easing away tension, stress and pain; also excellent for improving sleep habits, and enhancing meditation.

EternaEnviro - for reduction of environmental stressors. Offers the mind and body an oasis of relief from daily environmental stress, toxins, EMF, noise, pollution and more.


EternaGlow - for face and beauty enhancement. Designed to help allow your inner beauty to truly shine forth, enhancing the healthy radiance and glow of the skin, restor- ing clarity and sparkle in the eyes.

EternaShape - for management and weight issues- maintaining a body weight that is comfortable, attractive and healthy can be an easy process of self- nurturing; facilitates positive changes in attitudes toward food and other cravings.

EternaLux - for skin and hair enhancement. Lustrous, shiny hair is a telltale indica- for of health. Our EternaLux program is one of our mane attractions, known to diminish the appear- acne of unwanted greys.

EternaSphere- for body scan and reshape. Micro current technologies are known for stimulating and improving circulation which can have many health benefits. EternaS- phere focuses on the eliminating of cellulite, and improving self image and confidence.

EternaFit - for exercise motivation, fitness and performance. EternaFit - Offers all of the support, inspiration and motivation of your own personal trainer. Experience your very best at work, in the gym, or in athletic performance. An excellent add-on to any of our services!

EternaLift - for relieving the effects of gravity creates. A dramatic improvement in facial lines and wrinkles, as well as a gradual tightening of the loose skin around the face, neck and chin area.

EternaMini Spa Treatment - 30 minutes: A restorative combination of programs, designed to promote optimal relaxation and rejuvenation.

EternaMaxi Spa Treatment - 60 minutes: -This luxurious hour long experience combines our 30 minute. EternaMini Spa treatment (listed above) with programs designed to enhance the appearance of the skin and hair, help manage weight, boost confidence and self esteem, includes:

Eterna Mini Lift - 30 minutes: This all natural “face-lift” enhances facial appearance and combats the effects of gravity. The EternaLift program creates a dramatic improvement in facial lines and wrinkles, as well as a gradual tightening of the loose skin around the face, neck and chin area.

All natural “face-lift” enhance facial appearance and combat gravity.

EternaMaxiLift - 60 minutes: Our signature select service combines our . EternaMini Spa treatment (EternaVitale, EternaYouth, EternaSerene and EternaEnviro), with our delightful and impactful energetic face lift for the most well rounded improvement of body, mind, spirit and appearance.

How many occasions do you need to use it?

Apart from a lot of beauty apparatus, it is proved that this beauty therapy system is able to show results after 2 or 3 occasions. In several test groups many people have already experienced the signs of the improvement after one occasion. In fact, this system is able to work in a more sophisticated way. In addition to the skin, the beauty and the natural changes of the appearance, this beauty therapy system is able to ease the strain and the stress which cause mainly organ disorder, addiction and insomnia. Recovery can be expected after 12 occasions, but different results can be experienced depending on the individual.

Additional extra treatments:

The essence of the inner and the external beauty, original beauty, peace essence, self-love essence, forgiveness essence, acceptance essence, high potential essence, harmony essence, the essence of the inner management.

Everyone gets a two-hour treatment every occasion, because the efficiency can be improved in this way. The effect of the first occasion is about calmness and usually muscle strain. After two or three occasions it is noticeable the tightness of the skin, especially the neck and the facial skin.

Asking for an appointment is important. You can do it on email:, +3630 357 1142.

For Pacemakers, Wired Body Treatment is Forbidden! We recommend listening to the online frequencies and using the frequency-treated water.

In addition to the Eductor, Scio, Indigo bioresonance treatments, the application of the water treatment technique improves performance.




Etrenale + double fiber bioresonance treatment 11 USD or 10 EUR/ 2 hours -Nyírbátor.

These treatments require a Scio Bioresonance machine and operator.




Online Bioresonance

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