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György Trella Nyírbátor
I have known Csaba for a long time, he suggested the KANGEN water / alkaline water / for my wife's acidic problems he produced, and later treated with the appropriate frequencies after the resonance state survey, the missing vitamins. For the effect of KANGEN water and treatments the vomiting, malaise, stomach ache, and loss of appetite have stopped. Now she can eat everything she haven't eaten before. My 4-year-old granddaughter had eye barley on her both eyes and 2 private eye doctors said it can be only removed with surgery. Csabi solved it with two treatments and eliminated the barley. He stopped my allergy symptoms in the spring, nasal congestion, nasal discharge, and itchy eyes. After my knee injury, I only managed to eliminate swelling and pain with frequency treatment. I could even list the many positive things I have experienced on myself, eg after repair my vision, I can read the newspaper and the message on the phone without glasses. My hair was brown again and the gray hairs disappeared. My heart rhythm passed away. The painful callus on my feet disappeared as a result of the treatments. For the 3rd year I've been subscribing to Online BIORESONANCE and I can manage myself and my family at home. Almost every problem can be repaired, managed. Of course, every year it is advisable to complete a complete health check and replace the missing vitamins with the recommended frequency treatment according to Csabi's instructions. I have proven that at the age of 65 I do not take any medication and work as a pensioner. I'm going to the doctor only when the driver's license is extended! EVERYONE SHOULD TRY IT !!!! 1 CONDITION SURVEY, you look at yourself with other eyes.

I take 2 hour long treatment from Csaba every 4-6 months, for me this treatment almost eliminates all my symptoms for so much time. During the treatments I feel tingling, numbness and sometimes pain here and there. I get tired after treatments, I have to rest. In a few days my symptoms disappear completely. My leg pain, my asthma, I don't have to use my asthma pipe, my numbness, my joint pains, I can move my hand completely, my well-being is better, and so on. When I wanted to come again for treatment, Csaba gave me 5 liters of drinking water every week, saying I drink it. But only after two weeks did he tell me that he treated the water with frequency. My digestion of the treated water has improved, I did not have to take a laxative because I went to the toilet 3-4 times a day, my joints don't hurt, my legs are not spasm, my urine is more frequent, I don't need painkillers and no asthmatic checkers, cycling is also better and easier. I feel better. The water had an interesting "dense" taste and it made me drink more. Thank you to God for blessing him (Csaba) with this knowledge and for believing in it.

Joseph 51 Worker
I’m using these frequencies for 6 months and I’m satisfied with them. My circulation changed for the better, my dizziness gone and my CBC also improved. What's good about the site is there are many updates.

Piroska Retired
Ágika and Csaba! Thank you very much for your help. If you don't go into this electrical treatment, or if I didn't go because I don't believe in it, I don't know where I would be. I sleep all the night, I feel good, I'm happier, and most importantly, I do good, no pain. Yesterday I cleaned the whole house, which I could not do for years, and I wasn't tired. I watched the whole house, sat down, patted my shoulder, proud of myself and my assistants. I am happy that the Dear God has united our way. My sister also has problems, I told her this opportunity, but she just waved. And, imagine, I had a conscience that I told her about this. What a difference between siblings.
............................... God sends help, you just

Julika 65
For me, after 10 liters of joint-improving water, I can only say my well-being as an improvement but I think it's a very good thing.

Enikő 44 Worker;
My constipation problems have completely disappeared as a result of the water, and this kind of vibration water was very good for me.

Mária 48
I tried the water for improving the circulation and the water for joint and I immediately felt the effect of 5 liters.

I was very sick so many times, I can say continuously. They circled in me from one place to another. I took a lot of medicine. My stomach was constantly fluttering, continually sinusitis, reflux. My feet had varicose pains, cam legs. I was constantly tired. I always had to drop my eyes because it had a bacterial infection. As a result of the infection, I was dizzy at the level I slept while otherwise I had to vomit. I could still list it. Then I heard about bioresonance treatment, I thought I could just win. I didn't say anything about my disease . When the health check was done, I heard the problem areas and the "opportunities" for the future. There was no good view. Then I was immediately treated and indeed, for the first time, I felt that I was getting full of energy. The sick parts warmed up, shuddering. It may have been painful for a few days. In my leg the blood vessels have retreated, the feeling of tiredness has disappeared, and more oxygen is given to my brain. Gastritis passes gradually, although I did not choose the food, did no diet. The symptom "hurts here, hurts there" disappeared. The disease has gone down. Today, the only thing that needs to be treated is facial inflammation. Unfortunately, it has been so many times that it heals slowly. I HAVE IMMEDIATELY PUT THE MEDICINES DOWN TO RECOGNIZE THE AFFECT OF THE TREATMENT CORRECTLY! I'm not taking it today. My eyes dropped only 1-2 times a day, my ankle pain had to be plastered, the cam was back, my joints were moving easily. My liver function, my spleen, kidney, stood up, often hurt. Already passed! The spine and lower back pain were eliminated by vomiting, diarrheal disease. I supported the treatment with a small silver colloid. Worth it! I live actively today, I can stay up late, but when I go to bed I fall asleep and wake up relaxed. Practically only facial nerve inflammation should be treated. Bioresonance treatment was an excellent result for me.

My body is constantly receiving the resonance in the water, although I don't drink too much. Among other things, the detox treatment is excellent. Sound frequencies have a very good effect on me. After launching, warmth, squeaking, tension and pain occur. Then it goes away. When I was affected by my heart and blood vessels, I felt a pressure on my heart, pounding my neck, and my right arm down to the middle of my arms. This effect came in my arm after two days. When the lymphatic glands were treated, the nodules were tense, where the problem was hurt, and that was also eliminated. He helped me a lot. My mom could hardly go. She hadn't been to the city for at least 2 years, she didn't even go shopping with me, even by car. As a result of bioresonance treatments it has become so good that it travels around the city's shops alone, the pain of spinal hernia is tolerable. She easily supplies itself. She rarely gets up at night, but in the past she got up and she couldn’t fall asleep.

Mihály Worker
My vertebrae and other problems beside my earache, the continuous purulent leak from the ear and the tinnitus are best disturbed me. Csaba asked me if the ear drops that I got from the doctor helped me. Of course didn't help. Then he said me to drip with colloid and get the treatments. Ear pain lasts 2-3 weeks, the purulent leak is 3 weeks. It took about 3 months from the start and my ears and tinnitus were completely disappeared, even my vertebral problems had gone..

Ágnes Worker
The vertebrae treatment and the female part of the treatment were initiated in the form of whistling sounds by Csaba. Meanwhile, there was pain in the waistline and the female section, and if he set it louder it intensified, if he took it quieter, passed away. I got this whistle for one and a half hours. Two weeks have elapsed, but there have been no existing chronic pains since then.

Ágnes 35 Worker
Some of us were there when Csaba started the frequency management on the laptop. He started to play knee treatment, the beep sounds were audible. Interestingly, they are all members present at the knee-pan or underneath, or have started to tingle, heat, or hurt above. If he launched the heart treatment, tingling, tightness appeared in the heart area, tingling-numbness from the small finger to the elbow, tingling in the left shoulder, and tingling in the left side of the neck, and pain in the jaw. After a few days I got the whistling sound treatment over my shoulder. As a result, my left arm, where I was broken in my childhood, and since I struggle, sometimes I feel it started to hurt, I could barely lift it up for two days, so it came out, and then passed. I have not felt any pain since then.

After a few days of treatment, there was pain in the problem organs, and then they were gone. I became more energetic. In autumn-winter flu, vomiting, diarrheal pathogens are better defensive because I don't get into pathogenic infections.

Jónásné Vári Ibolya
Treatments had only positive effects. My vertebral pains have gone, I became more energetic, and my well-being improved. I can only report positive effects.

I went to the doctors with vertebrae-blackening, inflammation, spinal hernia, and even a series of serious problems, but after a while, they were told me that they couldn't help. With herbs, nutritional supplements and massage, I was able to control the pains. I also had a Scio treatment, but I didn't experience any change. When I got the first few treatments from Csaba, my bone pains intensified, but I was encouraged that this is good for the body. I continued the treatments and I was getting better, my pains have dropped significantly. I became more energetic, my sleep improved, my nervous system, my negative feelings improved. There are several consecutive days without pain. In the treatment, I still notice that everyone around me has vomiting-diarrheal flu, and I have been avoided. So far I fell in it in the fall, I got out of it in the spring, but now I fell into it once and it lasted for 1-2 days, and it was a little symptoms. Viral and bacterial treatments were also good. Influenza treatment is very effective, I need no antibiotic, no other medicines.

Zoltán Kiss 60 Physical Education teacher
I have my spine, 6 spine hernia, several centimeters of vertebrae, my vertebral fracture, vertebral inflammation, cascading abrasion, waistline almost constant pinching, constant blunt pain. As a physical education teacher I couldn't do push-ups or pulls because of the pain. From the first vertebrae treatment I felt more severe vertebral pain for 3 weeks. Then, as a result of the treatments, the inflammations disappeared, the pains slowly disappeared, I could move my vertebrae. I am currently playing basketball with 150 push ups or pulls running smoothly, without pain. My vertebra slip is not sure to be completely restored, as it is very slippery, but I'm fine, it doesn't hurt anywhere and that's the point. I had to add a lot of treatment, but it was worth it for me. I recommend treatments to everyone, but unfortunately most people say "I don't believe in it". Csaba knows something very much because wherever I have been, they weren’t able to help me. What is interesting to me is that I was on a Scio treatment before other I have met Csaba, but I didn't feel anything about it during the treatments or its effects. It matters if you are sitting behind the machine, you can use it at all and handle it. Whether you have this medical qualification or not, you have been using such a machine for 25 years or just 1 year, the point is the effect I feel. From the frequency-treated water I felt the stress of my back muscles pretty much.

Ildikó 45 Worker
I got 15 liters of body weight reduction test water, my remark was that I experienced motion in the stomach and I went to the toilet several times. I did not experience weight loss.

Éva 49 Worker
I asked for frequency-treated water for depression and constipation. Both of my problems have gone away, whether it was the effect of the water, or I don’t stress that much lately, I don't know.

Imre 45 Worker
I got joint water for joint problems that caused my hand-arm joint problems to disappear, and it had a very good effect. Thanks.

Erika 35 Worker
For the first time the intestinal absorption repairer water caused diarrhea after it gone, my distention also passed.

János Veres 66
I was given intestinal absorption water to try. I didn't notice anything when I was drinking, but I drank for 2 months. When I didn't get the water, I realized that my feces had been restored for 2 times a week and I had to take laxatives. I had a slow improvement, so it didn't seem to me that the frequency-treated water was restored only when I didn't get it. I got bioresonance treatment for my heart, the first few times during my treatment, my left arm was numb and elbows, and my blood in my legs was painful and tightened. I am unable to report any improvement results because I am currently doing well, I am taking a wide variety of medications that I don't know whether it is from it or not.

Klaudia 25 Worker
As a skeptic, I started the bioresonance treatment. For the first time in the Health Check, I thought a lot would be written about what I have and what could be in the near future. But I got one more thing that I didn't expect "a secret from my life", which left me with a deep emotional trail and it was revealed by the machine. During the treatment, there was tingling, pain that I felt in the problematic areas, such as back pain, bone-joint pain, eye pain, and sinus. After the treatment, there was an increase in some places and then they disappeared. They offered to have a water that they make themselves with different vibrations. That's how I got frequency treated water for testing. My water, which is made to absorb the disturbance of absorption, has become my regular feces, my digestion has been restored. Allergy-asthma was also a remedial water. Besides, I have to mention my insulin resistance. I also received treatment and water for this. My night-time eating seizures fell from the weight-loss water, I didn't want the candy, since then I have lost 6 kilograms. The slightly heavier hairs on my face from the thyroid underactive water began to lighten. The interesting thing was that one kind of water was dense, barely able to drink, but I had to pee several times. The other kind was very easy to drink and was soon consumed. I am very grateful to you for finding me.

Anikó 40 Worker
I got body weight reducing water for testing, which reduced my appetite, and I lost 6 kilograms in 2 weeks, so I'm really happy for it, because I have not seen this yet.

Balázs 15 Student
I tried many different types of frequency-boosted water: first, the intestinal absorption repairer water, it was disturbed by abdominal contusion, diarrhea was the first day, but since then I poop several times. The learn helper and the anti-flu water was also good. There were a kind of water that always tasted like carrots, I did not like it because its taste.

Ibolya 66 Retired
I got 15 liters of body weight reducing water to try. During two weeks I lost 2 kilograms, my appetite decreased, I went to the toilet several times. I did not find anything else.

I drink intestinal absorption repair water for 3 months, my constipation has completely disappeared, I have no abdominal fatigue and I go the the toilet several times a day.

Veronika 48 Worker
I had to take expensive herbal supplements for my constipation for many years. I got frequency treated water for trying. My constipation gone after the first bottle of water.

Miklósné Stekkler 83 Retired
I have a pacemaker built in. So I can't take wired bioresonance treatment. I got to try the joint water, and my first observation was "the water was hard, as if it was so heavy but it was clear. After 3 days, the arm numbness began to disappear. I've been going to the toilet several times after the watering down. My bladder cavity has passed, I didn't have to take any medication. My feeling was better, I felt easier. The medicines did nothing to help them before. I drank the test water for about 3 weeks when I ran outof it. Then, after 3 days, I began to regain my chest. For two weeks my child could not bring water. When I got back to the frequency-treated water again, my chest was getting better again and then it was gone. No other treatment was taken in the meantime, so I certainly attribute the improvement to the frequency-treated water.

Mária Szűcs 83 Retired
I was completely deaf to one of my ears. From Csaba I first asked to bring it back if you know. At the end of the treatment, I started to hear the whistling sound he started to play. By the end of the first treatment I stood up from the treatment, my hearing was completely restored. I immediately tried it out, did phone calls, heard it well. My deafness hasn't come back ever since, and it's been two years. As a result of the treatment, my blood pressure increased or for three weeks, I was a little scared. When the blood pressure was restored, he started to treat my heart. It was so successful that my doctor in the hospital did not know what it was like, that I put most of the medicines down, but my heart rate and blood pressure were restored. I didn't dare to tell the doctor what I was doing. Later I had a serious epithelium, with a large gallstone in the gallbladder, which must be treated, the doctor said. I went to Csaba again. During the treatment, I felt pain in the bile intensified, but in one and a half weeks the inflammation of the bile was completely over. During the gallstone treatment I felt movements in the bile. After one and a half weeks of treatment, this has gone away. I went back to the hospital to check, three doctors wondered how the big rock disappeared. ’’Immediately tell me who did the surgery” they said ,and they looked for the place of the surgery. I didn't say anything at this time either. Then the kidney cleansing treatment, my dizziness, my joint problems was coming. My blood result is 17 stars minus, doctors are "age-appropriate, nothing to do". Csaba prescribed how to feed, I accepted. After a year, there are only 5 stars in it. Then I told my doctor where I was going. The answer I was expecting was not good for anything, and they asked for a lot of treatment. I told my doctor that the amount of treatment here is ridiculous. Answer: "Then it could be just a scam if it cost you so much" I think that what I spent on many drugs on a monthly basis was a lot, especially that they didn't help anything.

Mária Napkori 52 Worker
I have been suffering from sleep problems for a long time, and I was given frequency-boosted water from Csaba, 15 litres per week." In the first few days I felt a painless sensation in my thyroid, and later I felt the cervical veins pump rhythm for a few seconds, and a few dizzy moments. My feeling improved, my sleep changed and I didn’t feel the palm of tingling in my head, which was common before drinking this kind of water.

Elisabeth Retired
I’m using the treatments on this site only for 4 months, but I feel better. At the beginning there were strange symptoms, my pains intensified, but it lasted only for a few days. The pain in my knee and in my shoulder is gone, and my mental health also changed for the better. The site is easier to use than first I thought. Thank you Csaba.

Tivadar 33 Disabled male
In the second week of improving the intestinal absorption water, I experienced that I had to go to the toilet several times a week, instead of 2 times I went 4 times a week. I didn’t know if I had vascular problems, but for 2 days, I felt that my veins would burst out of my circulation, my veins moved in my arms, my thumbs sometimes moved by itself. Two days later these feelings were gone. I drank 10 liters of these waters a week. In the following week, I also had vascular pain for 2 days, but I felt less. From the third week's dose I didn't feel any pain in the water anymore, but I only realized my arms and legs didn’t cold, my fitness was much better.

Tivadar 33 Disabled male
Csaba asked if I would also try the tooth-growing water. I immediately said yes. After four days of frequency-treated water, I noticed that one of my back teeth and one of the dentures I hadn't even checked with the dentist had started to grow out. The new tooth started to get out of the middle of the rotten tooth. I noticed that they were not snow-white but they were halfway white. For 3 weeks I got the tooth-growing water, so far I haven't noticed anything in place of the pulled teeth. The water started to impress me in the second week, and I still drank it when I wasn't thirsty. I recommend to everyone the frequency-treated water, it’s really good. I'd also tell my experience about Scio treatment. It was almost 3 years ago that I was not sober three times (for half an hours) a day because of epilepsy. They couldn't help me in the hospital, they just gave me a lot of medication, my stomach inflated. When I felt sick, the ambulance came out, somehow revived me, but they had not been taken to the hospital, they said they couldn't do anything with me. I took Scio treatments from Csaba. My first treatment was a numbness in my head, where the focal point was and I felt dizzy for 1 week. I was afraid to pick up the second, so I paused. But my feelings were getting worse. Then I took myself. I was recreated again, after which there was no more dizziness and numbness. After 8 treatments, all the sicknesses have gone completely, the bloating has gone down completely, and only 1 of many medicines has been taken. I received 15 treatments, 1 week per week. For one and a half years after the treatment series, I wasn't bad at all. It was a few seconds again 3 months ago, nothing since. I should add some treatments again.

Éva 47 Worker
Since I've been using the program, I don't suffer from allergies, I feel better. I am pleased with the wired handling option because some of the sounds are disturbing, but very effective. Since then, however, I use wire and drink treated water.

Scio respiratory allergy treatment was taken 6-8 times. 1.5 years have passed and no symptoms of allergies have ever occurred.

I had been on Scio bioresonance pulmonary treatment twice a week for two years, and I had a total of 5 treatments. Since then, I'm not taking asthma pipe or pills because I have no symptoms associated with it. Thanks for the help.

I couldn't lift my hands because of cervical hernia. They were constantly numb and hurt, so I didn't work. I felt a lot of dizziness, sleeping disorders, and besides, breast cysts were found. The doctor suggested surgery immediately, informing me of such a cervical hernia surgery, but I was scared and did not undertake. I started using online bioresonance treatments to improve dizziness, sleep disturbance, but there was little evidence of chills. Csaba said we would handle it with Scio's machine, because it would give it much stronger treatments that would improve sooner. I went to bioresonance treatments for about 2-3 months because during the treatments, Csaba said that besides the neck, I could also have my back and waist hernia, which had increased pain in the first part of the treatment. 3 months of week, 2 suitable treatments for my vertebral pain and my numbness disappeared. Beside, I treated cysts with online bioresonanceat home. After a few weeks I was on medical check-up at the doctor, the cysts also disappeared. Thanks.

I had my upper respiratory tract infections that could not be eliminated by half a year of antibiotic treatment. From Csaba's bioresonance treatment, my barely audible whistling sound has improved a lot since the first treatment, with some treatments these are completely corrected.

Zsóka Worker
I got 5 liters of thyroid repair water for my thyroid problems. I drank it for 1 week, but a very strong dizziness appeared during that week, so I didn't dare ask for more. I don't know if it fixed something with the thyroid.

For over two years now, I've been treating myself with online bioresonance. I really like it because it's easy to handle, I find frequencies for many illnesses, and I can start the treatments at any time, I don't have to queue at the doctor. I've improved a lot of treatments over the last two years. I can only recommend.

Erzsébet Retired
Csaba gave me 5 liters of water a week to drink. After 1 month, he announced that he had been treated with respiratory allergy in the water. I reconsidered the last 1 month, and I thought my medicine might be better now, I got better air on my nose, breathing better than lungs.

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